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brew dragon
09-25-2014, 12:37 PM
Below is a race a worked up on my own. while i have a decent eye for balance i was curious to see what other folks thought and am eager to hear any suggestions.


New race. Drokal are a barbarian people whom have lived in the barrow lands for as long as anyone can remember. They are savage and canabalistic, but also wide reaching. Their tribes span the full expanse of the barrow lands. They are consistently fighting with the Adari tribe when they meet. The Drokal are highly nomadic, making treks far and wide to find other humanoids to eat.

Physical appearance: Drokal stand around 7 feet tall, and are of a very muscular build. They tend to have brown or black hair, with eyeís ranging from browns to greens. Most distinctly however are the tattoos. From birth Drokal receive tattoos to mark tribe and family. As they age and perform deeds of their own they add more. The tattoos are an accounting of each drokalís life, if you can interpret them.

Society: the Drokal are very close knit in their tribes. And very often will refuse to eat other drokal. Instead they hunt the Adari tribes, Orcs, Trolls, or anything else they deem worthy and strong. When they raid a camp for food, they make sure to take the stongest men and women as slaves. The more slaves a drokal has the richer he is, slaves carry the tents and supplies when they move and provide food when a drokal is hungry. Should a Drokal kill something or someone of note, for instance a dragon or a chieftain, they receive a tattoo to mark the occasion. Drokal Shamans are also powerful magic users, though none but the drokal shamans know how this is possible in a land where traditional magic is severely reduced in effectiveness, if it works at all. Many believe it has something to do with the crystals they hold sacred.

Relations: the drokal donít interact much with outside races. The Adari hate them, rightfully so since the Drokal enslave and eat the Adari people whenever they can. They are also feared among the citizens of Tanech who carved their kingdom on the edge of Drokal territory, and the citizens of the coastal city-states in the Barrowlands. Many folks however havenít seen the Drokal, they know them as boogy-men, and as with any folktale the stories get more enchanted as they are told.

Religion: The drokal are not inherently evil, nor do they worship evil gods. Their religion is based around 3 gods, Ortaro, Sryn, Shyee. These gods make up all the Drokal need from a religion and are worshiped only by the Drokal and the Adari. Ortaro and shyee are particularly important to the Drokal.

Adventurers: The drokal donít venture outside the Barrowlands Often. Each young Drokal however must go on a pilgrimage to find their own honor and to bring something of value back to the tribe. This leads many young drokal from one end of the Barrowlands to the other, and some out of the Barrowlands all together. Many are natural barbarians or fighters while some end up taking another class after they leave very few pursue anything beforehand.

Drokal Racial Traits:
Hardy: +2 on saving throws vs. Poison, Spells and spell like abilities.
Intimidating: +2 on intimidation checks, do to their large and frightening stature.
Natural Rage: drokal may call on the strength of those they have eaten. This lets them rage (as the Barbarian ability) for 4 rounds each day. Each round has a cumulative 25% chance or becoming uncontrolled.
Survivor: +2 on survival checks to find water or food in the wild.
Nomatic: +2 on ride checks, survival checks to determine weather, and on checks dealing with forced march.
Languages: Drokal start speaking Drokish, with an INT. of 10 or higher they may also start with common. Drokal with high intelligence also have a knack for language and may learn any language with buying linguistics skill, they may not however start with any extra languages.

09-26-2014, 09:51 PM
I don't see any down-side to playing a Drokal. No penalty to Diplomacy due to tattoos in your face? This sounds like there would have to be a level adjustment of +1 to play one...

Just a thought.

brew dragon
09-27-2014, 08:28 AM
i was thinking that the fact you have to be cannibalistic (eating humanoids,)was enough of a down side, i have learned that not all down sides are represented in stats. while a Smart Drokal wouldn't eat humans in human society or dwarves in dwarf society, eating goblins and orcs is still going to get you some serious questions if not banned from towns or hunted if your caught. this is of course assuming that your playing a good campaign and not an evil one.

i will however consider some more negatives though, for pathfinder i have seen very little penalty to player characters. to use a pathfinder race stat in say D&D 3.5 all of them would have a +1 lvl adjust