View Full Version : Pieces of 8 for $8! 8 publishers, 8 books 1 bundle (PFRPG)

09-19-2014, 01:57 PM

Ahoy and Avast ye land lubbers, we have pieces of eight for $8.00 from eight of the best 3rd Party Publishers for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

This is a special, limited time only super bundle of 8 different pirate-themed products from 8 different top publishers. Check out what this bundle contains!

Peril in Freeport by Adamant Entertainment, a normal value of $9.95
The Freebooter's Guide to the Razor Coast by Frog God Games, a normal value of $9.99
Bosun's Booty: Extras for Journeys to the West by Kobold Press, a normal value of $4.99
Islands of Plunder: Treasury of the Fleet by Legendary Games, a normal value of $4.99
Villainous Pirates by Raging Swan Press, a normal value of $5.99
101 Pirate and Privateer Traits by Rite Publishing, a normal value of $5.99
Advanced Options: Fight Like A Pirate by Rogue Genius Games, a normal value of $3.99
Grave Undertakings: Ship of Fools by Total Party Kill Games, a normal value of $6.99

Purchased separately all of these together would normally cost a grand total of over $50. This bundle is available for a limited time for just $8.00

Available exclusively HERE (http://shop.d20pfsrd.com/products/pieces-of-eight)