View Full Version : Meat and Potatoes 5E in St. Paul (AKA: THE RISE AND FALL OF KADROX THE MAD!)

09-17-2014, 03:46 PM
I'm an experienced DM/GM looking to start a 5th edition campaign in St. Paul MN. I'm looking to start fairly low-scale, episodic in order to allow PCs to develop relationships within the group and to the setting. The goal is to focus mostly on characters, but given that this is Dungeons and Dragons, I'm also expecting there to be some combat, adventure, intrigue and exploration.

The setting is homebrew, fairly standard Western European Fantasy stuff, with a Feudal System, tons of ruins to explore, and a slowly growing threat for the PCs to contend with.

The players I've spoken to so far are looking to meet Monday evenings at my place in St. Paul (University and 280 Area, close to the light rail if you enjoy public transit.)

Generally, I'd like to run the campaign 2 times per month, with the group meeting so long as we have at least 3 players, with a maximum of 6.