View Full Version : In Service to the Gods

09-16-2014, 02:54 PM
I'm looking to run a campaign if anyone is interested. I am going to see how long it takes for players to earn godhood from level 1 using the medium EXP tracks given by the core rulebook.

My rules so far divine classes are fine. If you become evil the GM gets control of your actions. I reserve the right to audit your character sheet and reject it. If you are good at power gaming try to help keep others from falling behind by optimizing their character a bit. Use http://www.myth-weavers.com/ to submit character sheets.

I reserve the right to punish meta-gaming, but I'm not gonna care if your character knows that the weakness of trolls is fire or acid. At the beginning of initiative rolls players may roll one knowledge check to help them in the encounter, this simulates the fact that the character comes to an immediate realization of what they're fighting.:confused:

Players are encouraged to manage character sheets with their laptop at the table and phones may only be used to roll virtual dice. I am also gonna try to make poisons more feasible for characters, but at the same time the lethality may approach AD&D levels.

:focus:Leave info on your nearest Gaming Shop that allows players to play table top games, a link to a digital character sheet, and what you want your character to achieve should they become a god/demigod/king. The reason people are getting a say in what kind of game I'm running is because I'm not going to spend all my time working on a campaign without any outside input. Also you might want to make a magic item wishlist since not many players like crafting magic items, I'll put them on a random loot table.:cool: