View Full Version : Looking for Garland Pathfinder players

09-14-2014, 09:02 PM
I figure I would give CPR to this thread as I am seeking players for a Pathfinder game.

Who: Anyone ages 21+ who are NOT powergamers, min-maxers, or rules lawyers.

What: Pathfinder RPG (but maybe for a break some Cthuhlu or a couple board games I have)

Where: South Garland near I-30 and Broadway/Beltline Rd (Duck Creek area)

When: Weekly Saturday nights (or Friday if that works for people better)

I like to play a relaxed style. I try to be descriptive as I can and try to use props on the game board (Dwarven Forge, dungeon tiles, etc). I like players to really get into their PCs. Looking for players who would have more fun playing a 10th level wizard with a 12 Int rather than a 10th level wizard with a 20 Int.

01-09-2016, 01:32 AM
Hey, buddy. I saw your thread (one of only two in the metroplex active in the last two years) and I wondered if you were still searching for players. I like quality role-playing and a fun story over rules lawyering. Do you host the games at your place, or at a local game/hobby store? Cheers.