View Full Version : Looking for players, Seacoast area (New Hampshire)

09-13-2014, 10:06 PM
Greetings friends,

I'm looking to get a gaming group going in the seacoast area of New Hampshire. I'm happy to host and can DM, I don't much care about the genre/theme/system used, I've played most at one time or another over the past 30 years. From Aug until Feb, I tend to be pretty busy as I coach football and basketball, so I'm hoping to get something going on a Saturday night if possible... I can probably do other days/times, but I know that my Saturday nights are typically free of any/all obligations.

If I can get a few people to show interest, we can hammer out the details of genre/theme/system and get down to some playing. Who wants to make some new friends, share a story and have a few laughs?

All the best,


09-14-2014, 07:30 PM
Got one thus far, a second GM at that. The overall thinking is that we guage interest and cater to the majority as far as genre/theme/system goes. Possibly expanding upon this once we get a core group together for a while.

Personally, I'm a fan of GURPS, simply because it's the one system to rule them all... GURPS can be used in any genre/theme, so players only need to learn a single system to play any type of setting (e.g. sci-fi, fantasy, super hero, etc...). As opposed to learning multiple different gaming systems if they want to play multiple different settings. There's also layers of complexity to the system, so if you have new players you can run the streamlined rules for simplistic play or if you have advanced players you can open up the full set of rules for more detail orientated play. Aside from the flexibility of GURPS, I really enjoy the realism of the system... as a martial artist and Military veteran, the combat system is both logical and detailed, the system is less influenced by the dice (i.e. the results of each roll are not as encompassing as in other systems)... your decisions make a significant difference in the odds of success/failure. The only real downside (outside of GURPS being a less well-known system) is that you have to convert any content materials, meaning you can't simply pick-up a pre-made story module and run it without any preparation.

Anyways, nothing is set in stone, we still want to see what other interested parties feel on the subject before making any decisions. Just wanted to give an update.