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09-03-2014, 12:01 PM
WANTED: bandit slayers

By order of Jarl Elisif the Fair:
Whosoever shall capture or slay the bandit gang in Volskygge barrow is hereby entitled to all of the non-stolen treasure within. See my housecarl, Bolgeir Bearclaw, for counsel and bounty.


This is a Skyrim-style game taking place at the September 20 Penandpapergames mini-con. Gameplay rules and pre-generated characters can be found in this thread:


All players are expected to have read the fast-play rules available here:


I will be using some specific rules to expedite play:
- You may choose whether your character takes offensive or defensive posture, or you may simply dictate where your character moves. If you choose the latter, I will make the posture decision for you.
- You are responsible for counting your own actions. You generally get 3 per round. When you're out of actions, you can't do anything, including defend yourself.
- You are responsible for deducting protection from damage. If an opponent deals damage to you, you must subtract your protection from that damage before adding the difference to your physical damage pool. Damage is always 1 minimum. For example, a draugr wight attacks you with its greatsword, dealing 3 physical damage. Before adding the damage to your physical damage pool, you must deduct your armor's protection, 1d4+1 if you're wearing spiked leather, from the damage. If you roll 4, add the +1, to get 5 protection, then 3 damage - 5 protection is 1, because you always take a minimum of 1 damage on a successful hit.

Feel free to reserve your seat and your character below. Previous players are welcome, and the adventure will continue from where the last game left off if we have enough interested parties. Also, please post questions and comments in this thread.

09-09-2014, 06:11 PM
Sorry to do this, but I have a family event that takes priority on September 20. I have to postpone this game, but once we get some RSVPs, we'll reschedule as soon as possible.