View Full Version : 5e printed modules; Hoard of the Dragon Queen up first!

08-21-2014, 07:53 PM
Hey there! I'm looking for ~2 more people to start a new campaign, playing through the new Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure published by WoTC. Presumably once we get through that, we'll move on to the next one, but there's always the chance of it branching off into original content instead. Or in addition. Who knows! Characters would be starting at level 1, but I expect the first couple levels will go very quickly. We'll be using point buy as per the PHB, unless a majority of players want to roll for stats, in which case that's fine.

I've currently got two players, and I'd like it if we had 4 players each week. That either means finding 4 who can make it consistently, or 5 with 1 or 2 who miss occasional sessions. Please be able to make it most weeks (3 out of 4?) if you respond.

Currently, we're looking to play on Sundays from 1pm to ~8pm, but in the future we'd like to try to move to Saturdays. That move depends on a couple people changing their work schedules, so exact timeline is unclear at the moment. I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later, but I'm not one of the people changing schedules, so I dunno. Once we move to Saturdays, I'm game for playing later if other people want to.

I'm shooting for the first session being on Sunday, Sept 7th. We'll be playing at my condo, which is in the Jack London district of Oakland and only 4 blocks from Bart. Street parking is not a problem.

A tiny bit about me: I've been DMing on and off for ~20 years, since my high school days. I've run several multi-year campaigns and thoroughly enjoy them, but I recently took a pretty long break in order to be a player again. I'm ready to start DMing again, but haven't yet had the inspiration for a new homebrew world/plot. Thus, modules for now, and anything is possible for the future.