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08-19-2014, 09:41 PM
Hey Gamers!

I'm in the beginning creating phase for my second "Pathfinder (PF) Homebrew" game which will be set in the PF Inner Sea Region. The first PF Homebrew I GMed lasted 15 months and the gamers went from 1st level to 12th/3Mythic tier and we played 48 sessions. NOTE: I use all 3D terrain and miniatures. Every session is done in 3D and I rarely ever use a battle mat to draw something. I'm not sure if my play style will affect your advice, so Google, "Monkplayer Medieval Tavern" if you need more info on my using 3D terrain before before giving me advice on my plot.

Here's what I got for the basic of my plot;

A employer wants to hire a group of adventurers (1st level group, but I may raise them to a starting level of 3) to find the Deck of Many Things (DOMT) and bring it back to their employer to keep it out of their adversary's evil hands.

PC's will be tasked by what they're convinced is a "Good Person". One of the major plot twists is hey will realize about 2/3 third of they way through the plot that they're employer is actually the major evil arch villain. "DUH DUH DUMmmmMMM"

There will be two other NPC groups trying to find the Deck of Many Things. The reason the PCs are convinced they're the good guys is one of the parties they keep coming in contact with (to build urgency and tension with the gamers, and to keep the pace of play up) are evil (a different evil devil) is employing this group of NPCs.

I've heard there is a Pathfinder monster that actually throws DOMT as a weapon (he can't come into play until the party is at least 10-12 level?).

The party will also have to go down into the Worldwound (abyss) (when the PCs are around 10th level?) to fight devils/demons in order to finally get to the arch nemesis devil.

HERE's WHERE You, and i mean YOU come in; Help support a newbie GM!:)))

1) Major NPCs ideas. Who are the central characters? Why exactly do they want the DOMT (no not to rule the world-trying to not be cliche)?
2) Looking for to 2-3 more really wicked plot twists. Maybe the Actual PC is working for the evil side. I have to be careful here though, because I do not allow evil PCs in my group.
3) Very Cool monsters.
4) Every session I like at least 3 "combat sessions" that are different to meet each player's needs/interests: fight/trap, riddle, and encounter with nature/dungeon. Nature could mean an earthquake, poison from plants, hole in floor, secret door, etc. What are some good ideas?
5) What have I missed? I know there's A LOT of "gaps" to fill in this story to include maybe several things not even related to the story.

NOTE: EVERY idea you have I want to hear about it! Why? An idea you have may not be what will work, but IT CAN spark a similar idea thats epic!

Keep the Dice Rollin,

08-20-2014, 08:27 PM
NOTE: EVERY idea you have I want to hear about it! Why? An idea you have may not be what will work, but IT CAN spark a similar idea thats epic!

Now you're talking. Even bad ideas can become good ones.

If the PCs are starting at low level, the first NPC you'll need is their trainer: the aging fighter/champion who has retired from adventuring, but is happy to share his knowledge about kicking butt with the PCs. They'll need his advice to get to the deck.

Next NPC: the mysterious traveler. Sort of like Strider - he'll offer advice, appear and disappear at weird times, and be not-quite on the good side.

Cool monsters are easy. Pick lame monsters, and give them classes or templates.

Have fun!