View Full Version : 4E Dark Sun: Champions of the Dust

Imperiosus Tog Canis
08-17-2014, 06:10 PM
This is my second attempt to run a Dark Sun 4E game. In this rendition I have tried to fill in as many holes as I could that were presented in the source material for 4E. I have implemented a crafting system, a carving system, and three new skills to aid in survival (Weaponcraftin, armorcrafting, and cooking). Other than that it is standard Dark Sun. All magic is 'defiling', resources are scarce, slavery is real, and your weapons can break if you are not careful.

The group has been playing for a little bit this summer so they are level 2 and have started moving and shaking things in Tyr. I love role-playing but that doesn't mean this doesn't get down to the simple act of stabbing someone for coin. I have played an taught 4th edition drunk. It is very easy to teach and run so please if you haven't played before tell me and all will be well.

I really want this game to get to level 5 because that is when I can get some crazier shit started.

02-02-2015, 07:44 PM
Just thought that I would add that this game is temporarily ended/paused at the moment as the DM and a few players don't currently have time to play.