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08-16-2014, 12:20 PM
Here I will post the Chat Log for Timothy's Question & Answer session in our chat room. This will also be the place to ask any more questions about the Dragon Kings setting you may have. Timothy has agreed to check in and give you answers to your questions.

Also, Thank you again, Tim! For dropping in while at Gen Con.!!!

Have Fun Folks! Roll On.

08-16-2014, 02:15 PM
(8:03 AM)Welcome to Lobby and Gaming Lounge, Timothy Brown !

Sneaksta: Everyone, Please welcome Timothy Brown , Author of Dragon Kings
Timothy Brown: Hello!
morashitar: Hi!
Lazarus: Ola Senor Brown.

Morashitar: it is great you came Timothy!
Timothy Brown: My pleasure, thanks for having me.
SilverDragonClaw: Hi, Tim
Sneaksta: Ok , Let us get down to Brass Tacks...
Timothy Brown: Hello everyone, I'm here at GenCon today!Saturday is a big day, big crowds. Lots of gamers having fun!
Morashitar: and thanks for taking your time off Tim to be with us. We are just starting out with the con - our first attempt Sneaksta says(8:05 AM):Nice. Ok time for some questions...
Timothy Brown: Good luck. Should be good for you.
Sneaksta: Tell Us a bit of your background in the Industry.
Timothy Brown: Okay. I started working at Game Designers' Workshop in the late 70s, worked on Traveller and 2300AD as well as the original Space: 1889.
Then I moved to WI to work for TSR in the late 80s where I worked on Dark Sun and Planescape, among other things.
Sneaksta: Fan Favorites.! What have you been doing since TSR?
Timothy Brown: Space: 1889 was a ton of fun. Made the combat boardgame for it, ehterflyers and martian kites!
Sneaksta : ( adding to my check-it-out list)
Timothy Brown: I have done quite a bit of consulting in the computer game industry since, and do some RPG work for Pinnacle, Fast Forward, and others.
Dragon Kings is my latest gaming project.
Sneaksta: How did your ideas flow from Dark Sun into Dragon Kings, and come together?
As It's Spiritual Successor, as you put it.
Timothy Brown: I wanted to create a thematically similar world with emphasis on player versus environment.It's a harsh world, like Dark Sun, where natural forces work against your progress often.My favorite fiction is where the environment presents half the problems.So my games reflect that, making a grittier setting.
Sneaksta: Well done. Grit is very popular around here, haha.! A world without it's own difficulties seems sterile, or surreal.
Timothy Brown: Many game settings are just backdrops, I prefer something that might reach out of the scenery and bite you!
Sneaksta: That makes a great segway for the next question, which is important in Dragon Kings.
Timothy Brown: Deeper meaning is important to me, too. The idea, for instance, that magic is conscious and prefers to be left alone.
Sneaksta: Magic is a very dangerous art in Dragon Kings. Please tell us more about Magic in Dragon Kings.
Timothy Brown: Since magic would rather be left alone, it might punish those who disturb it. That punishment can come in many forms.
Sickness, plagues, famines ...
Also, magic might not just go after the wizard, but direct its ire against the wizard's loved ones.
That's why magic is the 'orphan's trade'
I think great power should carry great consequences.
Magic keeps itself in check in this way.
Wizards learn different tricks to mitigate its anger.
Some keep drugged, masked slaves to 'trick' magic into affecting them, instead. Nasty.
Sneaksta : Indeed, and this normally forces a Wizard, or user of magic , to live lonely lives, correct?
Timothy Brown :Yes, very lonely. Who wants to be a wizard's friend in such a place?
Still, the temptation of magic's power is awesome, so they dabble ...
Sneaksta : Indeed! Leper, Outcast, Unclean!!
Timothy Brown : that's the idea, yes.
To know a wizard is to know sorrow. Makes the standard adventuring party relationships quite a bit different.
Sneaksta: Magic is very dangerous in Dragon kings, However, Are there not many other factions vying for power, or wealth, or other commodities unknown?
Timothy Brown :
Khitus is a world in steep decline. Since the departure of the Dragon Kings, the world has been plundered and made nearly barren.
Krikis insect men and Cold Skin lizards are growing more intelligent and demand their place on the world stage.
Old tribes want to assert their dominance anew.
The Chroniclers want to wield power from behind thrones.
The Water Guild seeks power through water mastery.
The rumors of the Dragon Kings are many. Why they all wandered away from the world is not clear.
The first campaign explores the possible return of one such creature ...
Sneaksta : I am hooked.
Timothy Brown : In their absence, the long-ago forgotten animal gods reassert themselves through new priests. Some pray to the departed Dragon Kings as gods, as well, and seek their return.
In the meantime, Dragon King Pretenders have emerged to fool the weak minded and steal the world blind.
Sneaksta : If i remember correctly, Priestly magic may be fleeting?Or Fickle in nature?
Timothy Brown :
The connection between priest and god is tenuous - they've been absent from the world for so long - so the connection is unreliable. True demonstrations of god-given powers speak volumes in a world hungry for new leadership. But, at times, asking a god for even the simplest favors falls upon deaf ears.
Nijineko : And what about Psionics?
Timothy Brown : New religions abound. Including one presented by a strange Prophet who claims all men are brothers. His presence alone is said to kindle strange powers in the minds of his followers. Mind magic strikes an ancient fear among wizards Dragon Kings presents a world where many old things are resurgent in a time of great need.
Sneaksta : Psionics are represented by the sarhak?
Timothy Brown : Yes, sarhak is the resurgent psionic talents on the world, all connected in some way with the mysterious Prophet. Psionics does not disturb magic or incur sorcery's wrath.
Sneaksta : Very cool that.
Nijineko : is this going to be a patriarchal setting, or will that depend upon the culture?
Timothy Brown : Some of the tribes are matriarchal, as are the Pachyaur, the strange elephant centaurs who share the world.

Sneaksta : One last question before I open it up for as many others have before you must go. Your Team looks to consist of most of the Original co-creators and artists of Dark Sun as well.
Like Troy Denning, and Brom, If I am not mistaken. How did you bring everyone back together?
Timothy Brown : Brom was eager to do our first cover, but Troy was too busy with other things to participate. We also got Tom Baxa from the good old days, too.
Nijineko : i joined Athas a long while back in order to influence the development of psionics in the 3.x version of ds... but they are not developing much these days, sadly. what chances of input from the players or new talent into the future development of your system?
Timothy Brown : I would be open to suggestions for new psionic powers.
Timothy Brown : Hey, everyone, my GenCon schedule is demanding that I wrap things up here soon. Any last questions?
Sneaksta : Any other questions for Tim?
morashitar : Where can I buy a pdf version of the game?
Timothy Brown : Through Studio 2 at our site ... www.dragonkingsproject.com, or through DriveThru RPG
Sneaksta : Also, Tim, I think I will make a Forum Entry for those who may still have more questions. Would you check them and reply ? I will send you the direct link after I open it,
Timothy Brown : Yeah, by all means. Thanks for having me today!
Sneaksta : Any other questions before he has to run?
SilverDragonClaw : I have a question. If the wizards are so dangerous to know, are they also less dependent on others like in other games?
Sneaksta : Very good question.
Timothy Brown : Often yes. They are independent, learn on their own often, and live solitary lives.
SilverDragonClaw : More solo abilities or illusions to cover their identities maybe?
Timothy Brown : Masking themselves is vital to their survival, yes.
SilverDragonClaw : ah, ok.
morashitar : What brought you to write games in the first place? was it a childhood dream? or it came later?
Timothy Brown : Yes, I was an early early adopter of D&D (1976?) and started working for GDW shortly thereafter.
morashitar : pretty much a pioneer in many ways.
Timothy Brown : Thanks!
morashitar : Thanks Timothy for coming in! Simply amazing to meet a game designer.
Timothy Brown : My pleasure, thanks so much for our questions and comments!
Sneaksta : Thank you so much, Tim! Great information, and we hope to see you back soon, when your schedule may not be so demanding .
Timothy Brown : Thanks again, everyone, gotta run! Take care!
Sneaksta : Goodbye Tim, and thanks again!

(8:36 AM)Timothy Brown left the room8

08-16-2014, 09:37 PM
Tim, we are also wondering what systems you will be releasing Guides for, and when is the expected release date(s)?