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08-12-2014, 07:52 AM
Nemezis: The Dark Gods Awaken.
There is a grain of truth in every story. Thee stories about a dark star, a strange companion of Earth’s Sun had been told since the dawn of civilization. That star was supposed to be the harbinger of some great disaster, the extinction of entire humankind and the destruction of its planet. As the millennia passed, humans forgot about myths and faith, and started to rely on science. While most such tales were lost in the mists of time, the legend about a dark star resurfaced occasionally, inspiring astronomers to theorize about a hypothetical object, called Nemezis – after the ancient goddess of destiny, justice… and revenge. Some scientists claimed that this object would be a brown dwarf, circling the Sun in a far, elliptical orbit. Nemezis would enter the solar system once in millions of years, changing the orbits of comets and planetoids, thus increasing the odds of such an object crashing into the Earth. Despite solid calculations, these theories did not find many supporters, and when the progress of science resulted in the construction of engines allowing humans to travel faster than light, the Nemezis hypothesis was discarded and forgotten.
After many millennia, when mankind had managed to conquer almost the entire Galaxy, Nemezis resurfaced as an object of interest to the scientific community. A certain object, accidentally discovered on the edges of the Solar System, did indeed turn out to be a brown dwarf. After more scrutiny, Nemezis was found to have a companion – a small planet, immediately dubbed Nyx. A small ship, equipped with state-of-art geological equipment, and manned by a group of scientists attempting to survey the planet, was sent to its surface. !e results of this research would supposedly give mankind greater insight into the formation of the Solar System. However, after a few days and the initial experiments, contact with those on Nyx’s surface was lost. It’s not sure what exactly triggered the disaster, but it’s almost certain that these scientists were somehow involved.

A single day later Earth, the cradle of humankind, was destroyed.

Initially, the destruction of Earth was thought to have been caused by some kind of cosmic disaster. Neighboring star systems sent scout ships to investigate – none of them returned. When contact was lost with those systems as well, rumors about an attack by some kind of alien creatures started to circulate. All attempts at contact were unsuccessful, while the unknown enemy seized system after system, star after star. Months came and passed, but humans couldn’t find answers to any of their questions: why had the aliens attacked Earth, how numerous were their forces, or even what kind of creatures they were. The first questions were only answered a year after the disaster triggered by mankind’s first landing on Nyx. A band of mercenaries surveyed the remnants of the Solar System. They learned that not only had the Earth and other planets been obliterated, but both stars of the system – Sol and Nemesis were gone as well. They found a short video recording in the remnants of a space probe, the only image of the creature sleeping under the surface of Nyx. It was an immense worm, hundreds of miles long; its body was black, swallowing all light and matter.

It was called the Devourer of Worlds.

Awakened from an eons-long dream, this god started a dark crusade. As an act of its will, it called forth the Horde, a race of mindless, vile beings, completely subject to its demands; and set it on a completely unprepared humanity. The Horde knew no mercy. The beasts killed everyone: men, women, children and the elderly, the sick and the dying. In just a few years billions died, and thousands of solar systems were plundered. Small planetary fleets couldn’t measure up to void krakens, star vipers, and living ships of Horde’s fleet. Everything seemed lost forever, and the legends about a dark star, a harbinger of doom, were told once again.

But recently, something has changed. For the first time, mankind has defeated the servants of the Devourer of Worlds. Today, the Horde still wins most of the battles, but the fate of mankind is not yet set in stone. People are seriously considering the unification of the Galaxy, and even an alliance against the dark gods. Already small alliances are forming, between up to dozen or so systems. Unfortunately, personal happiness is still often put ahead of the survival of mankind. The day of the unification of mankind under one creed is yet to come.

Nemezis is all about conflict. Regardless of whether your character is the head of a noble family dealing with the plots and intrigues swarming on Bariz, a brave soldier of Cor fighting monsters, or the boss of a Syndicate faction wanting to gain greater power – you will be forced to fight in the name of the things you hold dear. You will have to fight and kill the people standing in your way. A character living a quiet, simple life does not belong in Nemezis – no one will be interested in their story. !e best stories are about people determined enough to risk their lives, and ready to sacrifice everything to achieve success.