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08-01-2014, 01:32 PM
About me:

Using the Robin Laws' GM types scale, I'm mostly Storyteller (75%), with the remaining 25% split between Method Actor, Power Gamer, Casual Gamer, and Butt-Kicker.
Here is a link to my GM profile. (http://www.meetup.com/Raleigh-Tabletop-Roleplayers/messages/boards/thread/20986262#68367582)

I ended my last campaign about a year ago when I moved away from the area, but now I'm back (and better than ever!). I'm looking for 4 to 6 players for a weekly Pathfinder game, playing on Saturdays or Sundays, typically from 10AM to 3PM, and typically hosted at my home (in Apex). Here are some details of the game:

Tactical players need not apply. My combat sessions are geared to be fast and loose, with PCs swinging from chandeliers and the BBEG twirling his moustache and delivering his monologue.
The game will be character-centric. The characters are the stars. I modify the adventures to maximize the fun and challenge. PCs with deep backgrounds are encouraged, and I will never use it against the PC (but I may use their background to propel the story forward).
This game will probably be run in the OD&D world of Mystara. Expect an old-school feel. You will encounter several classic monsters. Death happens, but it doesn't mean the end of a PC (perhaps a ghost character? Undead?). I reward players that stay in character and make the hard choices. Tell me what you want the PC to do and I will tell you to make the appropriate check; don't just make a skill check and ask for the outcome.
New players are welcome and encouraged. The game will be PG-13 (moderate violence, mild language, mild adult themes). I don't expect everybody to know all of the rules, and I allow some character changes if something doesn't work the way you thought it would.
Unique characters are always welcome, but "Special Snowflakes" should stay away. This is a group game, so I try to include something for every character in every session. However, some sessions may feature one PC more than another. Everybody will get their moment to shine, if they desire that.
The overall campaign will have a direction, but the PCs will choose how they get there. Expect to have several loose ends and open story-hooks at any given time. This is somewhat of a sandbox approach, but with a theme.

Let me know if you have any questions.