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Hello I'm currently starting a 1st level 5e game starting Saturday August 2nd our age group is 28-40's but were welcome all we play from 6 pm until at least 11, so if you're interested please feel free to contact me and we'll take it from there.


Over a 3000 years ago, the apocalypse happened by the hand of one man. So greedy for power he gave all for it his wealth his home his family and in the end his very soul.

He felt the icy cold hand of the god of death reaching for his life to bring it to it's final resting place. Using ancient tome he found written when the world was dark and full of evil he called upon it's power to protect him. It did but not in the way he wanted for it was a unliving book written upon the first fallen creature. Upon waking the tome the first death rose up and slayed death so doing removing death from the realm of the living.

With death no longer able to claim the fallen his body failed him and he lay there for days then ever so slowly his eyes opened and he rose a deep hunger in him that drove him out of the old cave and into the nearby village. Once there he begun to feast upon the souls of the living. As small amounts of life force drifted away they were pulled to the same ancient cave where the book fed growing in power as those who fell to the Devourer turned into undead each one heading out into the world where they too fed and created more and more.

When someone dies either by natural causes or unatural their souls slowly decompose like their bodies. With their death their bodies very slowly rot causing unbearable pain to fill their eternal torment. Within days at most the pain drives the once sane person to the brink of madness. The only thing that seems to stem the pain is the consumption of flesh from the living. The most terrifying thing about this new undead is they retain all of their past knowledge and skills.

The Paladin Army of the Lords of Light attempted to stem the tide of the dead but at best slowed it at the cost of tens of thousands of Holy Knights as the remaining survivors fled into the mountains to an ancient dwarven walled city and hid. Those remaining Knights stood willingly sacrificing their lives one by one battle after battle slowly they fell and in a 1,000 years the last Holy Knights army outside the ancient city fell to the wave after wave of the dead.Even Dwarven Knights those who fortified themselves deep in the earth where in the end fell as the whole world fell silent.

However during the 1,000 years not all living creatures were affected by the Hunger the ancient and powerful Illithid were one such race. The Illithid being immune also has a downside for the living's brains that sustained the creatures were one by one being taken away from them. In a matter of years they went from being well fed to starvation on a global scale. They came that close to packing up and leaving for greener pastures. When their lead Illithid sent a General from the Hive mind to meet with one of the last great powerful Kings who refused to join the Paladin Army was offered an alliance ofsorts and so the almost god like Illithid they joined with the remains of human and demihumankind who refused to join the Paladin Army. The Illithid reach forth across the land and formed the armies of the mindset to join with the last of humanity and Demihumankind as well as intelligent monsters. What was left of the world joined as one under control of the Hive mind. The vast army moved as one engaging the hordes of undead on one battlefield after the next. For ten centuries the undead clashed against the Hive army. In the end how can one defeat a foe when you lose a soldier it gains one? Over the next five and one half centuries the remnants of the Hive army used a hit and run tactic buying time for massive walls to be constructed around the remaining cities around the world. Only one city a ancient abandoned dwarven one far up in the mountains stood untouched by the whole war remained free. By this time the once powerful paladin army had completed total fortification of the ancient dwarven city. The Lords of Light the last of the good aligned Gods sent down upon this city all that their people would need to survive breathing life into this once abandoned area.

However the cost of thousands of years of war spread worldwide that drained the life force from the very world itself. The world mostly ash filled up the sky with darkness that the sun barely shows itself as whole species of animals become extinct. Trees die as do crops causing hundreds of thousands more to die as the living learn to adjust to the new life.

In the present, the population of intelligent races has shrunk to about 5% of what it once was. Societies are bootstrapping and starting to pull themselves together. The dead will instinctively attack and tryto consume any warm blooded creates. From mice up through dragons.
This means that a large portion of this worlds population has been killed off. Many races are currently living in walled cities most under the watchful eye of the Mind flayers masters or in the Free City of Sperainaeternum.

New magical means of detecting the dead have been created carried by the Knights of the city. In addition to this, lighter-than-air craft have become the safest mode of transportation.

Only one walled city the ancient Dwarven City remains free as the last of the old races untied under one banner it is called Sperainaeternumin the old language meaning Hope Eternal.

Clerics have become the new nobility. With their ability to turn the dead they have become the wealthy elite, admitting very few in to their ranks and supplanting kings and emperors as the new, untouchable power. The true redeeming factor is that they worship the Lords of light and therefore are good aligned and in the end worked for the good of all.

Paladin Knights are rare outside the city watch and highly sought after as the champions of the people.

Wizards have become something of a rarity, as the practice and study of magic is a luxury not often had when fighting for mere survival. While the number of sorcerers in the population haven’t declined, wizards have dropped to about 15% of the level they were previously at. In this world’s society, wizards are something of a legend to themselves. The lay people would look at a PC Mage as a curiosity and a person to put their hope into. What’s left of the old nobility would seek to manipulate them in their secret war against the Clerics. Clerics look at wizards as lesser magic users who are more shut-in scholars than a threat.

The once mighty Guild of Wizards have found themselves a client to the Clerics. Much reduced in numbers and wealth, the formal guild now exists solely to serve the whims of the Gods of Magic. They assist the Clerics in such matters as teleportation, offensive magic and thecreation of weapons and items to assist the Paladin Army. They are mostly kept out of the public eye and have found themselves subservient to the Clerics.
There are rumors of a small island containing the last operating wizards collage not affiliated with a Clerical overseer but at this point,they may just be rumors.

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The game started Saturday but there is still time to join up anyone interested in joining please contact me we're using the Starter Set atm but my Player's Handbook will be shipping soon and we'll adjust accordingly.