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07-31-2014, 11:26 AM
This is probably the wrong section but I couldn't think of where else this would go. If it is in the wrong section tell me and I will move it, apologies in advance.

So if you haven't heard of story nexus it's a browser game engine made to produce story adventure games using text and small graphics to portray your world. It is from the same creators of one of the best flash games of all time (not joking) called Fallen London.

I am using it to create a horror game set in Los Angeles after a meteor strikes downtown creating a mysterious crater (mysterious because a meteor of this size should make a hole this big) that engulfed most of downtown. Shortly after said meteor (we are gonna call it The Fallen Star from now on) hit the city a sort of solitude set in, no one from the Los Angeles area could contact anyone from the outside, anyone who left either was found dead (from the mutants which I will explain later) or came back babbling insane non-sense.

about a week chaos and anarchy started to take hold . Riots broke out as people started looting and killing each other over supplies as clouds of dust and smoke that lay over Los Angeles settle into a blanket, casting a orange glow over the city in panic. To add to the chaos mutants started to show up, people going through the agony of growing claws, wings, and other odd appendages. It didn't stop there as nothing is spared from the insanity brought on by The Fallen Star as vegetation and the land it self began to warp. The vegetation diversity turned into something of an alien world and the land warped to form odd crystals and entire city blocks fell into what seemed to be giant sink holes leaving behind stone pillars with ruins of a dead city on them.

12 years after the above events is when the game takes place. There are distinct settlements now and the mutations and general badness brought on by The Fallen Star has started to settle. People are living on, adjusting to the changes, but that doesn't mean things don't still go abump in the dark. The area between settlements is known as The Dark Streets. The whole premise of the game is that you play a nomad from the northern area, coming to Broken Los Angeles to find a new life for yourself (Because the north is constantly being ravaged by Dirty Demons). You can start in 4 different areas, each of which will effect which stat you have a +1 bonus in at the start. I plan to have loads of content for the setting and at some point incorporate the entire western side of the rocky mountains, and possibly expand it into the central and eastern coast (which have it much worse then the west).

The reason I want help is because this is a big project and if I make it all there won't be true diversity in the content. If 6 minds get together and make creatures and areas then we can make a truly diverse and immerse world that makes you feel like you are really there. If you want to help send me a message here, or email me at Jedi2@gmx.com for more info on the setting and process of writing. I can't pay you for your work, as this is purely a leisure project that I am working on in my free time, no due dates for stories and if you say you will and can't think of anything I won't get mad at you.

Thanks for your patience with my ideas, xefilis

08-03-2014, 01:51 PM
still looking for any help i can get.