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07-27-2014, 10:56 AM
Some reflections on my homebrew here:

In a melee, or close combat amongst several combatants, you generally have two choices: try to kill the guy next to you, or prevent yourself from being killed. Secondary choices are to protect your buddy from getting killed, or assist your buddy in killing someone. I'm trying to figure out:
1) How well this is modeled by my combat system, and
2) Which choices are the most viable ones?

In an open-action system, all characters are allowed to act at essentially the same time, and get three actions per round. Rounds still take the shape of a series of turns, one for each player, and your turn is when you're allowed to do multi-action things. However, characters can take a single action in response to any other character's action.

For example, character A is taking his turn. Because it's his turn, his choice of action takes precedence over all others. He chooses to attack character B, and does so by rolling a d20 to establish how effectively he did so. Character B can choose (amongst other choices) to defend or attack in response. He can also choose to do nothing, thus saving an action for later in the round. B chooses to defend, rolling as well. If B's roll exceeds A's roll, B will take no damage. If B fails, he's required to take some damage.

Where it gets messy: a melee has several combatants, who also have these choices. So when A attacked B, he opened himself up to attack from C. And if B chooses to counter-attack A, he's open to attack from D. You can see where it goes from here.

So, again:

1) How well is melee modeled by my combat system, and
2) Which choices are the most viable ones?