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07-21-2014, 05:10 PM
ok, I usually have a template to work off of so, ehh, this will be interesting.
Note: Times will be decided upon by the group.

Background: The core races have won the war, somehow, and enslaved the lesser races, using them mercilessly for sacrifices and menial labor. Even the undead have been defeated or enslaved. How they won has yet to be discovered, but it doesn't look like it was through good means, as all attempts at talk and peace were met viciously. You are a member of one of the last free, very few, very well hidden monster towns left in the deep dark forests and such. It is so bad that usual emnities have been ignored, more or less, and they have settled together. You are part of a hidden expeditionary team dedicated to finding the source of the core races' powers and stopping them. Your secondary mission is to make sure no word of your existance reaches the core races, as they as of yet arrogantly believe the "lesser" races are incapable of achieving enough discipling to gain character levels.

System Used: 3.5/Pathfinder . probably pathfinder with 3.5 stuff allowed.

Races allowed: Any non-core. Meaning no elves, humans, dwarves, orcs, halflings, nor gnomes. This includes subraces. Outside that, it has to be one that is recognizeable as a secondary core race to be allowed, ie lizardman, kobold, gnoll, goblin, etc. NO Savage Species Races Allowed!

Classes allowed: Most. Give me a book and I'll look. But presume that any core ones from the complete series and guides are allowed. still let me know however.

Spells, equipment, & Feats: see the classes section.

Alignment: No evil allowed. You are the good guys. Always evil races are no longer that, and most members who would have been have been eliminated from the towns.

Level: 1st (3rd ECL. lizardman is considered +1 HD and no LA. ask me about any others.)

Feats: any light blindness is gone. otherwise normal feat progression, except in special circumstances, like a kobold having dragonwrought and pre-selecting dragon wings.

equipment: 1 armor, 1(2) weapons (depending on class: melee and ranged or shield), Standard Adventurers Kit, class stuff, and an outfit. Also standard gold.


One slot is reserved for my DMPC, Raelgil the kobold beguiler. A short backstory is required. I'm presuming you were at least previously aware of each other, and please, no more than 1 or 2 of each race or class.

--------------------------------------------------------------Addendum 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Races are to be between 10 and 19 Race Points using the advanced race guide. I presume most will be built using that. shouldn't be too hard to find a copy *cough cough*. Feel free to strengthen your character given you are paragon members of your race, so long as it fits thematically.