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07-13-2014, 02:58 PM
Itching for a new campaign? Do you like story? In-character roleplaying?

I'm recruiting players for a new campaign featuring the upcoming 5th Edition rule set. The game will be set in a home-brew world with a focus on immersive-style roleplaying. I haven't run a zero-to-hero style story in a bazillion years, so it'll be one of those. I can't wait!

Currently, I'm meeting with all new players to gauge interest and group compatibility.

If you are interested, please PM me.

Below is a snippet from my player's guide to give you a sense of the kind of games I run. Take a look; it might help you decide if this campaign will be the right fit for you.
Goals and Guidelines for My Campaign

Roleplaying is the foremost requirement in my games. You could be as good as Sherlock Holmes at solving plots, or Garry Kasparov at moving figures around the board, but if you don't want to assume a role, you aren't going to like my campaign. If the idea of an entire session without rolling dice would never occur to you, then you might not like my style. Not that this happens often, but it does.
The goal for every 4-5 hour session is for each player to remain in-character the entire time. Of course, I should add that this never really happens-- anachronistic jokes are made, people space out, spouses call. Still, its a working goal. I want everyone to have fun, but we'll have more fun if we allow ourselves to develop weighty stories acted out by fully realized characters.
Character concepts:
Think low-fantasy with room to group to more heroic fantasy. Be wary of cliche: scars on cheeks, orphan backgrounds, strong but silent personalities. With that said, these rules are made to be broken, but not without good reason. Additionally, in an attempt to engender more nuanced characters, I don't use alignment in my D&D-style games.
My games tend to be more character, cultural and political focused than you might be used to. Think novels by Robin Hobb and George R.R. Martin. They often have a serious tone.