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Walks Behind
07-12-2014, 12:40 PM
Children cower under their blankets at night, afraid of the dark and the things that hide in it. But as they grow older they learn that there is nothing in the night that will harm them, and they lose their fear. This security is based on a lie. The dark of night hides things that kill people as casually as you cook dinner, and often for the same purpose.

New Orleans. The Big Easy. The Mediterranean city that happens to be on the Gulf Coast. The world's biggest tourist trap. And, less widely-known, the monster capital of the South. In the city with the nation's second highest murder rate, who's going to notice a few more missing and dead?

That would be you. A small group of people prepared to throw themselves against the forces of Evil to save one innocent life. Modern day super heroes, but with a Yellow Pages ad and a partially converted garage for an office instead of a bat signal and a fortress of solitude. You are the rough men (and women, and inhumans) who stand ready to do violence on behalf of those who think they sleep safely in their beds.

The Pitch:
Looking for 4-5 players for a game of GURPS Monster Hunters. This is going to be a game of thrills and two-fisted adventure with heroes in the vein of Buffy, Angel, and Harry Dresden. You definitely don't have to be familiar with the system, and don't be put off by GURPS's reputation for complexity. I'm happy to explain stuff, and the templates we're using make character creation pretty simple.

The tone of the setting is grim, but the heroes are powerful and capable of changing things. So keep the faith, make a quip, and take the fight to the bad guys. Investigation and combat will both be important and frequent, so cerebral and kick-in-the-door players will both have plenty to do. As far as roleplaying goes, smart characterization and snappy dialog is double-plus-good, but this game isn't likely to turn into a soap opera.

The Setting:
It's the year Right Now A.D., and if you aren't aware of The Secret that monsters walk among us, the world looks pretty much like our own. That, and the choice of a well-known real world city all mean that you can generally understand how the (non-supernatural) stuff in the game works by asking how it works in the real world. It takes just as long to drive across New Orleans in game as it does in Google Maps, adjusting for traffic and any delays caused by zombie apocalypses.

Of course, there will be breaks with the real world because of narrative convenience, the fact that there's a whole secret monster underworld, and sheer ignorance on my part. If you're very familiar with the actual city of New Orleans for instance, you might not be impressed by my portrayal of it. But I can promise that I've done my homework, and you won't find New Orleans hosting an elaborate subway system full of vampires.

As far as the supernatural goes, I've sketched everything that's common knowledge (for savvy monster hunters like yourself) here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-2YSFNbNjeudZSy727pD-OrYKlusr7QE6ynBA3aV62I/edit?usp=sharing.
There's plenty more going on, and if you want to add an element to make your character's back story work, we can talk.

The Nitty Gritty:
The only books required to play are GURPS Characters, Monster Hunters 1: Champions (for building and outfitting your character) and Monster Hunters 2: Champions (all of the rules you'll need to play)

We'll be using Skype to play. The voice-call will be used for OOC chatter, and all of the in game actions and conversation will be in text.

We won't be playing with a hex map and character tokens, or anything like that. The rules and combat style we'll be using won't require that. I may wind up creating maps to show how certain key buildings are laid out.

This is going to be a weekly game. My inclination is to play on Wednesday starting around 7pm Eastern Standard Time, but Friday night and Saturday are also possible. We can talk.

We'll be using the Rolz chat room (http://rolz.org/) exclusively for die rolls. Well, your die rolls. You won't get to see the rolls I make to see if you notice the vampire sneaking up behind you and your unprotected neck.

I'm going to ask everyone to use GURPS Character Sheet (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gcs-java/) so that I have everyone's sheet in the same place. You're responsible for making sure that I have your updated character sheet every week.

Character Creation:
Characters are made on 400 points using the templates in Monster Hunters: Champions. Or if you want to get fancy, make a 400 point character by enhancing templates from Monster Hunters: Sidekicks.

You don't have to have a firm character concept before expressing interest, but by the time we're ready to start play, you should have a character with a description and a back story. This definitely doesn't need to be a novel, as long as it gets the point across. Ties to the other PCs and the local community are heavily encouraged. Murder hobos are boring.

When everything's written up, take an extra five points (on top of what you get for quirks) and put them into fluff that doesn't really help you hunt monsters, but does define your character or make them look good. Does he play guitar or work as a carpenter or have a lucky hat? Define it! Just run the list by me and don't try claiming that your only hobbies are judo, motorcycle riding, and researching demons.

Players should cooperate with each other. This isn't the game for PvP or protracted ooc arguments.
Partly because of the above, characters should avoid being the bad guys who kill worse guys. It's a genre expectation that you shouldn't kill humans willy-nilly and I reserve the right to enforce this with FBI task forces, SWAT teams, and Gypsy curses.

Mature language and subject matter are going to come up, and this is in part a horror campaign,, even if the horror part is only occasionally played up. Players should be prepared for all of that.

Everyone should be able to make the weekly game on a consistent basis. Obviously stuff will come up and rain-checks happen, but that should be the exception rather than the rule

It's a free country, and I reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone I think would make for a worse game by way of munchkinry, bullying, or inability to string a sentence together.

Interested? Reply here or send me a pm!