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07-12-2014, 12:24 PM
So I thought to my self that risus would be a good system to get into the mini con. Im using risus as it is easy to apply any type of world too it.
Speaking of world, The world I will be using is a custom one I made because why not.

Campaign Description: A group of mercenaries are hired by a noble to find and eliminate the source of civil unrest, but things get complicated when they arrive.

Below you will find the premade characters to pick from.

Name: Christian Le Blank
Description: Christian is a tall, slender man with dark hair and tan skin from The Iron Republic. He likes to go to new areas and explore The Vast Blue. He has ambitions to one day make a map of the entire Odd Lands. He also carries a sword made from Black Iron his father forged for him as a coming of age gift.
Cliches: Swordplay (3) Cartography (4) Exploring (2) Sailing (1)

Name: Angela Roth
Description: Angela is a muscular esamirian woman. She has brown hair and is a tad on the short side. She is a former body guard for a noble from Esamir and now does freelance work. She lost her last job because she went out and got drunk at the local tavern and her client was attacked. She has a dinged set of plate mail and uses a lance as her weapon of choice.
Cliches: Lancing (5) Intimidation (3) Drinking (2)

Name: Trevor Vosmus
Description: Trevor is a rare case to say the less. He is a rumbizian that was born with magical abilities. Even in a civilization where it is known to happen it is still rare to have. He has very dark skin and dark red hair. He wear a white vest, blue pants, red slippers, and a red bolt of clothe tied at his waist. He also has a tattoo of Sirestir, they differ but his is of two serpents starting at his wrist winding around his arms and tangling on his chest. His parents where tailors. Due to living in Rumbis, He is acustomed to tight winding streets.
Cliches: Power of Hell Fire (4) Fashion (3) Street Navigation (3)

Name: Isabella Black
Description: Isabella is a magician that sold her ability to speak for the ability to shape shift. Her natural form is a purple eyed wolf, but she can take other forms as well. In human form she has long blonde hair and fair skin. Isabella carries around various candles and salts in her bag as well as a spear. She wears a long dress made of clothes wrapped around her body. To speak she carries a book of blank paper.
Cliches: Shape Shifting (4) Spear wielding (2) Writing (4)

*NOTE: the larger, more complex the animal the harder the roll will be besides your natural form*

Name: Kezn Greatstalker
Description: Kezn is considered a once in a lifetime site. He is one of the few goblins left from when the nature goddess, Maraie, went on a rampage through there land. He is short campared to a normal human, 4''6'', He has no hair on his head, he has a odd greenish/gray color to his skin, and red eyes. He wears leather armor made from scrap metal, hardend leather, and cloth. He carries 2 flint lock pistols and a knife, as that is the only weapon he can handle with agility.
Cliches: Sneaking (3) Kniving (3) Gunnery (2) Stealing (2)

Name: Rnothamma
Description: Rnothamma is a tree spirit. Spirits generally possess humans as part of a deal for magic, mostly because it's more exciting then being a tree. She appears as a very tall human, with a smooth but barky appearance to her skin. She has white hair and green eyes. She wears a black cloak to hid her looks. For years she lived in the woods, tracking and trapping animals, learning the requirements of a human.
Cliches: Plant Magic (4) Disguise (1) Tracking (3) Hunting (2)

if you want to make a custom character email me at Jedi2@gmx.com so we can talk.

If you are interested sign up at http://www.playbyaction.com/ppg-registration

07-12-2014, 12:32 PM
Looks like a good game to try at the mini con. I think this will fill up seats fast. :)

07-26-2014, 11:05 AM
I signed up and am looking forward to this game. Though you didn't post this, i assume this is the same world.


07-28-2014, 10:58 AM
ya, i'm letting a friend use the setting for a map he is making, i don't really mind it.