View Full Version : Dark Days in Sion Play-by-Post spot available

07-11-2014, 06:48 PM

Hello, a spot has just opened up in my online play-by-post game. We are back down to 6 players when we normally have 7.

Dark Days in Sion (http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/forumdisplay.php/219-Dark-Days-in-Sion-play-by-post) is a Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5e game incorporating house rules, set in my homebrew world named Sion. It has a balanced mix of roleplaying and combat, but also intrigue, politics, and a dash of horror.

All the world info for Sion (including histories, maps, races etc.) can be found on the Sion (https://sion.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page) page on Obsidian Portal, as are the House Rules. We play it right here on penandpapergames in the appropriate sub forum. It has been running for over year now and I don't intend to stop it anytime soon. We use rolz.org for dice rolls and myth-weavers.com for character sheets.

New characters are currently starting at 4th level. Check out the Start Here! (http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/showthread.php/27321-Start-Here!) thread (in the Dark Days in Sion play-by-post sub forum) for a list of current players and more information.

Free free to contact me via personal message here, or my username for skype, AIM or Yahoo is: crowsontheskulls