View Full Version : Patreon campaign for Sagas of Olde RPG (And other works)

07-11-2014, 05:10 PM
Hello, my name is Lucas. I have been around the forums for a while and never thought I was ready to start a kickstarter for my game works. Along has come Patreon, and it has supplied me with what I need. The game is in development and looking for testers, backers of this project get access to the game and other works I am producing at the time. From time to time I will post the concept options for the final game art and allow backers to vote which one they want to see finalized. For other game developers, each tier gives a discount on my illustration and writing services along with all the other goodies the campaign will deliver. At 1 dollar a month, 12 dollars a year, anything I produce and bring to final pdf is given to current backers for free, before it hits Drivethru. Whole core games, modules, novels, the works. Please take the time to check out the campaign.