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07-03-2014, 03:15 PM
The streets are dark, and the sky is cloudy. Lone figure walk quickly down the Royal Mile as the clubs are closing in the early hours. Police keep inside the cars as they drive past, and the tramps and drunks find somewhere quiet to sleep for the night. Everywhere the mortals sense uneasiness and make their way home as speedily as they can. Edinburgh, the capitol city of Scotland is full of life in the daytime, and is just as vibrant in the night. This life is what brings Edinburgh to the attention of the supernatural.

Even in the world in the Darkness, there is something wrong in the shadows. The Kindred, the vampires in this world of darkness are finding something is untoward. Many of their associates are missing, and of those who remain, most as quiet and secretive. No-one knows who to trust, and most are even dubious about the supposed safety of the safe zone of Elysium. Something bad is about to happen, and eveyone knows this deep down, but none will admit it.

Welcome to Chalice of Blood. (http://www.kaos.x10.bz)

Chalice of Blood is a modern day Vampire story set in the role playing World of Darkness. We play with the Vampire: the Masquerade 2nd Ed. setting, but using the 3rd edition rules. We have made some tweaking to the rules to fit the play in an irc setting, and we reserve the right to make more changes. However, these are all made to benefit you, the Player.
The game is set in modern day Edinburgh, where something darker than normal normal is happening.

The website is here (http://www.kaos.x10.bz).


07-12-2014, 07:28 PM
The prelude for the game will be added day by day. 1st 3 messages are online now.