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06-30-2014, 10:02 PM
i have run this game before, but due to players heaving real life issues we had to stop. Now i wish to run it again. any interested players post here or mail me.

Game info:
Besm 3rd ed point buy.
Ether by chat or roll20/skype.
Characters will be in the 150-299 point range to start, but I havenít decided.
Time of start is unknown, but is driven by how quickly players line up.
Game will start you in a fantasy medieval world with no technology with magic.

The game will be based on the following and anime, but I will use my own story:

Chobits, Dears, Karin, Robotech, .//hack, Xenosaga, To Love Ru, (more will be added as story progresses) *this will just for characters from these games or anime, not the story itself from those sources.

Here is the back story (the game will start with the battle between the Devil Lukes and Dragoons by 4th moon if we play but keep it short)

Well back in the beginning of the universe, one of the first races ever where born of dragons and evolved into race called Dragoons. They were a fearsome war- like race with technology far superior to any other race of their time. After a great war long before man evolved; the Dragoons founded an interstellar nation simply called "The Empire." This reigned for millions of years under the same immortal ruler until one day a new race called the Devil Luke rose from a unknown world and sent its warships against The Empire. The clash was nothing short of cataclysmic and when the Devil Luke found themselves slowly being pushed back, they found a ancient technology called the Key of the Twilight. When used against The Empire the powerful weapon sealed the Dragoons away in a deep sleep in a void. Eventually memory of the Dragoon and The Empire faded until they became no more than a legend in the billions of years after the Twilight Key vanished.
However, not all dreams are dreams and not all legends are legends and when those legends turn out to be true, they are frequently the blackest of nightmares. The campaign starts with the Devil Luke out exploring a remote area in an unknown void of the galaxies when a Devil Luke scout ship awaken the lost banished Dragoons by accident. Only a weak single word transmission makes it back to the Devil Luke empire: DRAGOONS.
Almost immediately, the long interrupted Great War starts again with a vengeance. The Devil Luke are completely unprepared for this war and their powerful fleet was soon reduced to a hopelessly outnumbered shattered force driven back to a unknown world. There the Devil Luck made their last stand with their king and his daughter fighting from his massive mother ship. The Princess was one of the finest fighter polite left in the Devil Luke kingdom and was in her personal fighter when the final battle began near the 4th moon of a backwater planet. During this fight the Dragoons used a newly developed weapon that shattered the shields and armor of the mother ship and sent its power core into uncontrolled overload.
The Princess' fighter jet was also damaged in the battle and could not warp to safety. Despite the danger to her own life, but she refused to flee because she would not abandon her father. Desperate to save her Highness, her wingman deliberately clipped her wing in a collision to force her fighter to crash land on the backwater planet to save her from the pending explosion of the mother ship. As the Princess fought to control her way through the atmosphere the mother ship exploded. Just before the explosion, the King released several of the most powerful weapons remaining in the Devil Luke inventory
Among the weapons that followed the princess down to the planet included the chii, which were artificial beings used by the Devil Luke to make up for a shortage of manpower. In addition, there was the prototype of a weapon called cosmos, a battle dears capable of withstanding hard vacuum and mounting powerful manifest weapons. This technology survived in escape pods jettisoned from the mother ship by the King just prior to his death along with dozens of crewmen.
The player characters start on the backward planet (essentially a fantasy medieval) and as they rest for their first night on their new home, they watch artificial stars flash in and out of existence as the debris of the mother ship drops through the atmosphere.