View Full Version : need help finding amv's

06-30-2014, 02:53 AM
i am running a besm game dragoons on aug 16ths for the con here, here is link of game.
now what type of amv i need and what for i need a amv for into of my game that fits this description.
i need the amv to start off with a hug space battle lasting about 5min or so with kick ass battle music for example wake me up inside, going under, numb, click click boom to list some to give u idea. also on amv or separate amv is a amv with asteroids or space junk flying through the atmosphere wail people see it on ground now planet in this one needs to be medieval like no technology. with epic music like that will leave you at aww.

or i could use someone that is great at video editing and making if u can do that contact me so i can make complete intro to game from point of ancient battle with key of twilight till when game pics up, all custom work if so mail me i cant pay but i will give credit where credit due.


08-12-2014, 05:09 AM
go on youtube and look at peoples epic space battle videos then get a youtube downloader that would be your best be probably