View Full Version : Looking for/Starting Pathfinder/D20 Modern group.

06-09-2014, 06:23 PM
Looking for a group to play Pathfinder and D20 Modern. I'm relatively new to the game so new players are welcome, but we need a DM and I'd prefer a more experienced DM to run the games. I would also like to try Twilight: 2013 if possible :) I would prefer the DM not only be experienced, but to be able to tell a story that makes sense, who can be open minded to the entire groups requests/suggestions, who can assist newer players in learning, and that doesn't TPW TOO OFTEN or constantly kill characters off. We can play homebrewed campagins or pre-written ones! I just want a group to have fun. :) I have skype and roll20 so as long as everyone has those we should be good! Players can be of any experience background, just please dont be pretentious or cocky or mean. If you're interested, leave me a reply or send me a message! As a final note, I'm the only member of this group so far so all rolls are open! I'm thinking maybe 5 players at MOST plus DM. It can be smaller though of course :)

06-10-2014, 09:56 AM

Currently, we have One player! Looking for up to 4 more and one DM.