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06-09-2014, 03:55 AM
Hello my name is Jesse and i will be starting the campaign in a week, 2 at most hopefully not longer than that.My player base keeps changing not for lack of interest some of them are returning players, but because of their work/school schedules. so the time and date is not set in stone. seems like every other week i go from 4-5 players to two.the campaign will be set in darksun( no materials are needed, i supply everything) we will be using next rules as the core of them will change very little. there are class restriction because of the setting itself, and race restrictions, but i am a flexible GM and it is something we can work on together. i am more than willing to teach new players in fact the less you know about the setting the better.last thing because i am working on the campaign and school i do not check this site often not sure if it is allowed but here is my contact anyway jlpinli@yahoo.com