View Full Version : D&D 2nd Ed Option Rules Game needs more players

06-06-2014, 04:52 PM
Looking for new players for our weekly D&D2nd Ed Option Rules game, every Friday 6pm - 11pm.

We are all 30-45, professionals in our daily life, and looking for the same. Stable home life so that we can commit to the Friday gaming with few missed sessions during the year.

We game in the Lynnwood/Edmonds area at one of our members houses, so respect for the house and things within are important.

We play 2nd Edition Option Rules with modifications that we made to smooth the rules out that were poorly constructed in the 1st and 2nd Ed. But we are def a THAC0 group!

We are a 70/30 RP to Combat group, so role play is important, the store is the glue for our group.

We have started a series of 3-6 week adventures focused on Damara/Vaasa in FR, where we start a Lvl 1, play an adventure, start anew lvl 1, play, etc until we all have 3-5 characters, then we use an existing character for a lvl 3-5 adventure, and so on, building a group of heroes to take into an Epic Style Story, but without having to get to Epic Levels... We are trying to avoid things above level 15 as we just got done with 5 straight years of that.

If this sounds of interest, email me and lets set up a meeting and see what we have.