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Soft Serve
06-02-2014, 01:06 PM
Thinking of running a game where the PCs play as town guards or rather a higher form of law enforcement. Something along those lines.

Anybody else done anything like this or have some wisdom to impart?

06-02-2014, 01:42 PM
That would be awesome, as part of a town hierarchy. I love city based adventures, and that is a way to get into the thick of city intrigue, get connected, and work up the rank and file! 2 thumbs up!!!

06-02-2014, 03:12 PM
It's a VERY easy way to introduce politics into a game. Imagine being called in to break up a bar fight - and the jerk that started it all (verified with many witnesses and his own confession when they arrive), is the son of a noble...

Or hearing rumors of a slave auction, where the downtrodden race/ethnicity of the area (could be refugees from a warzone, or just any foreign ethnicity) are being sold off into slavery. Upon getting there and taking a bunch of folks into custody, it turns out the downtrodden are SELLING their daughters into slavery because it's acceptable in their culture - and without the money from the sales, the entire family (familIES!!) will starve to death. This makes for some GREAT ethical dilemmas for a new Paladin - or ANY lawful or good player!!

It's also a way of introducing great "side" adventures: If the PC's want to do the "good cop" thing and make friends with the locals, after a couple of weeks, a kid could approach and tell them of the noises he and his buddies heard SOMEONE ELSE heard when they were playing just inside the big grate that seals off the sewers that nobody is supposed to go near - and we didn't go near it, we just heard the story from someone else. Can you go see what scared us - I mean THEM - so much? And maybe you could find out what's happened to all the stray dogs in the neighborhood... puh-LEEEEEZE!

And, finally, like Sneaksta brought up - the party can move up the social ladders - with all the perks and problems that entails. Suddenly every farmer is trying to get the party to marry his daughter(s), and Timmy the minor noble is ticked off because the party is moving up that ladder faster than he and his family...

Great idea!


Don't forget that MOST medieval cities didn't have "police" forces - they had soldiers that worked the streets while they weren't out warring against the Saxons and Orcs. After a couple of levels of "police" work, there could be a war... and since they did "special" things before, maybe they could be like a "special" force and while the soldiers are all fighting on the Eastern Front, the party could sneak around the flank and burn some supplies or assassinate some evil wizards...

I've done ALL of this before!

And, to be honest - it makes for a VERY easy time to introduce the party. It's a whole lot better for everyone to be hired than to just "accidentally" meet in the local tavern.

Soft Serve
06-02-2014, 05:07 PM
I posted this idea on another forum I frequent and they had suggested some other things. Like a Wild West sort of Frontier town where the ONLY law enforcement at all would be the PCs. With no one to answer to, and no one to reprimand them they could play it as straight or crooked as they'd like.

Of course playing it straight and narrow causes the town to prosper and become the regular target of many a bank robber / highwayman. Attracting others to join up and assist them.

Then again, playing it crooked could leave the town small, but line the pockets of the vile sheriffs. Naturally there'll be vigilantes and travelling heroes hearing of the rotten sheriffs and coming to bring balance.

A good idea, but not necessarily the direction I wanted to take it in my game. (Feel free to steal it.)

I'm kind of married to this scene in my mind about the PCs going to a Morning Brief where the captain / commander / whatever goes through the beats they'll be taking. I know this is a scene reserved for noir type games and settings, but it'd be fun to have the PCs take the low routes working their way to the front cases and eventually assigning routes and objectives themselves.

I've also got an idea to have a group of NPCs acting like the archetype PCs who enter a lonely village. The rogue who's stealing everything just because he can. The mage who sees everyone as fleshy bag of XP and loot sources. The paladin trying desperately to keep his group in line and (sometimes literally) turning away when they commit "necessary evils." The idea is to poke fun at the tropes and show them just how insane it looks from the other perspective with this scene / mission.

06-03-2014, 02:19 AM
OK first off, My all time fav PC is of the rogue type. I have played n-g rogues where the balance is basically upheld, c-g robin hoods, and C-E assassins for hire for the best dollar. City based adventures have the potential to bring the best (and worst) out of characters, based on social climate. I have started out good and ended up evil, based solely on the chance opportunities available. I have also started out chaotic-N and ended up lawful -N based on the same. City based adventures are not for the meek, weather PC or GM, for the variables are so myriad, It does take a great effort to keep up and Play it to the fullest, But still, My all time Fave!

Soft Serve
06-03-2014, 09:22 AM
Of course not every rogue is the "take what you can give nothing back" type, but the idea is just to poke fun at the trope. Highlight just how insane and frustrating it is for the people around the "typical" adventuring group.