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05-26-2014, 07:01 PM
I'm looking for a permanent home for my weekly Pathfinder games. I will do D&D but Im going to be honest I don't know much of anything about D&D aside from the few 4E games I have played.
I would like a local group that plays with an online setting. (To east the time zone constraints) But it doesnt have to be. I really would like a face to face group if possible. But I cannot travel. Or leave my area so if you are not in pettis county I will have to decline. I'm a caregiver so locally is the best I can give right now.
Days I am interested is Tuesdays and Fridays Maybe Mondays and I am available in the early afternoon or in the evening AFTER dinner time. I have 2 parents I take care of they come first.
I dont mind homebrew but I rather not mix the systems. I'm still "learning" and I rather not be anymore confused than I already am.
My last group mixed it up so much I had to literally unlearn everything and spend 2 days relearning. Also if a problem arises within our group I would appreciate if a group meeting is held and the issue is discussed rather than turning your back on the rest of the group leaving us as casualties of war. It isn't fair to the group as a whole for you to just walk away from everyone when only one person is the problem. I blocked the last GM to do that. Weather they see it as the problem or not is immaterial.

My only other thing is.. Yes I am a girl, no I am not interested. That that has to be said is obvious. I don't want to be made to feel uncomfortable because you see a chick that may be easy. I have blocked 2 from this site for that as well

Listen, I just want to play pathfinder or any other game for that matter. And I want to do it in a fun atmosphere and I want to not feel horrible after it is all said and done because I am not enjoying myself because I am constantly under fire for the choices I make or the paths I take.. Its all I want. And all I ask for. I can get douchebaggery anywhere, I just not looking for that.

I'm a gamer that wants to game.

Thanks for your time.

05-27-2014, 04:30 PM
Stop gaming around folks! Get this lady a home to seriously enjoy a great game for a lifetime! :lol: