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05-18-2014, 09:55 PM
Let me just start by saying I tried searching for information on the forums but I wasn't able to find anything. If there's already a post on this please point me in the right direction.

I've been reading the Pathfinder books because I'm trying to get into table top gaming, and I've noticed that all the half-races in the core rulebook don't have normal racial ability modifiers like the other races; they are simply given a +2 to the ability score of their choice. I found the merfolk race in the Advanced Race Guide and was of course instantly struck with the idea of making a half-merfolk character. If I made such a character, would they also get the +2 to ability scores instead of racial ability modifiers? I've tried searching online and in the Pathfinder books I have and I can't find anything official.

I also need some advice/feedback on 'Fins to Feet'. In my thinking, a character born of a human/merfolk coupling could conceivably be born with the effects of the 'Fins to Feet' spell as a sort of racial trait, since they would be of mixed parentage. This "trait" would replace Legless and Slow Speed, increasing it's land speed to 30 as per the spells description, and reducing it's swim speed to 30 to balance it out. They would also probably lose their +2 Natural Armor, at least on land. So a half-merfolk racial traits would something like;

+2 to any one Ability Score
Medium Size
Humanoid Aquatic
Low Light Vision
Fins to Feet
Languages: Begins play with Common and Aquan.

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated. Does this seem concievable, or is this too far fetched? Has anyone made a similar homebrew half-race that might have some pointers?

05-24-2014, 10:12 AM
well, you could always use your basic genetic square for the standard variants though if you allow magical influences (natural and artificial) your 'square' will get more complex.

05-25-2014, 11:17 PM
Or you could go old-school and say that merMAIDS have tails and merMEN have webbed feet. Sexist in the extreme, but that's the way SOME ancient "historians" painted and described them.

I would add a swim score of equal to their land-based speed - as well as fire vulnerability (double damage to fire), and half/quarter/no damage from water effects. I might even give them a +1 natural armor due to "scaly" skin. BUT - they would all LOOK mer-ish... green, scaly skin, piscine eyes, narrow features, feathered hair, webbed fingers, slender (though they can be quite strong) - they may not have ALL the features, but they'd had at least some of them.