View Full Version : [Spokane, WA] Aeon Trinity RPG

05-16-2014, 02:05 AM
**This game has ended. If you are interested in a game of this type, please follow the link below to view current games.**

I am running a weekly roleplaying group in the Spokane Valley area.

The setting is Aeon Trinity and the story will follow a group of psions (or possible neutrals!) as they peek behind the curtain to see what their world is really like. The tone of the game will be centered around mystery and uncovering hidden truths. The characters will be expected to have enough drive and desire to investigate on their own that they do not require being spoon-fed plot information.

The system we will be using is a mashup of Storyteller d10 and Firefly's Cortex intended to address some of the glaring flaws of the latter (specifically removing the need to try to track so many penalties/bonuses in die steps for every single roll). Having your own books or prior experience playing is good but not required. The game focuses more on character development and roleplaying instead of dungeon crawling, so there’s no need to try memorizing three hundred pages of obscure combat rules.

I'm looking for people who can commit to a long-term weekly schedule, who prefer roleplaying over mindless combat (or, if inexperienced, are intelligent and mature enough to enjoy roleplaying over mindless combat), and who do not smoke.

So if you’re looking to break out of the everyday hack-and-slash scene, visit the following link for information on the game and how to apply: