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05-15-2014, 01:31 PM
What extraordinary and memorable experiences have you had thus far roleplaying?

Tell us a mind blowing experience and make this thread the hit of the week by adding more stories to it. :)


05-16-2014, 09:31 AM
I've had a number of memorable experiences, mostly good, a few bad or at least things I learned lessons from.

My first was buying redbox D&D off the shelf in '88 and not being able to grasp how it worked, and putting it in my closet for 2 years until a friend came over and saw it and wanted to play, so we muddled through it, having to have my mom pronounce the word "prerequisite" for me.

I've been to only one convention, SoonerCon in Oklahoma City in '94 or so, but it was fun and I got to try a lot of different things and see a lot of different kinds of people and what a convention was like. Bought my first and only single-die d100 there, which the Chill GM didn't take to kindle too when I rolled a 01 to attack a giant mutant ghost cow with a spear. Played Call of Cthulhu for the first time and was awkward because I didn't understand the suspension of disbelief and "flowing" with the adventure, as my character noticed there weren't any flies or mosquitoes bothering our guide in Africa like they were us, and there was also the little matter of him not having a shadow - I of course wanted to shoot him and was frustrated and a little mad they wouldn't let me. Ah, the black and white world we used to live in.I don't remember much about the Traveler game I was in there, but one of the players, a young, lanky guy with black-rim glasses, with those thousand-yard-stare eyes, would get up and walk around the whole table every five or ten minutes, creeping everybody out, until one guy stood up and said, "Dude, that is really getting on my nerves. Please quit walking behind me and go sit down or we're going to have a problem". That was awkward, but definitely memorable.

My first memorable Call of Cthulhu game which set the tone for me, for that game, was when I failed a Dex roll to escape the quickly-closing giant stone doors that houses the shoggoth, and the GM just said "Welp. Character sheet please." It was such a weird way to lose a character, a very dark, unspoken lack of closure and proof that neither being sane or in good health would mean your character would live through something. Very memorable.

My most memorable character playing experiences I think were playing a Gungan Jedi, then the other four were all in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 2nd Edition: 1) a blonde wood elf I played with a Valley Girl attitude and speech pattern, making everyone demand I *NOT* roleplay, 2) My overweight, middle-aged black mother of four widow whose highest skill was storytelling and dispensing homespun advice, but didn't have Ride or any useful combat skill - she was effectively worthless in most situations but was really fun to play, 3) a fantasy version of a cross between Indiana Jones and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon, who attempted to lasso a rogue elephant and got pulled along, hanging from the rope as it crashed through hovel after hovel, and 4) my nearly seven foot Norse Pit-Fighter that tackled a thug out a 2nd or 3rd floor window and took no damage because his Toughness was so high.

I enjoyed running a couple of rules lite games of Wushu in a non-game forum a long time ago, for a group of about six people, and it went fairly well. I also ran Wushu here in the chatroom and enjoyed it and the players' creativity.

As it stands, my most memorable and extraordinary online experience has been the Solomon Kane campaign I've been running since February 2011, which still has two of its original players, and the creativity and thoughtfulness pretty much all my players have always shown, and which has only impressed on me more that the only way to have a good game is to have good players, and the only way to get those is to treat them like the important co-authors and participants that they are, and to maintain as much communication as possible and give the players the opportunity to tell their characters' stories and let them shine, because no matter the adventure, the real story and focus is still about the characters, and so without players, you're not a GM, you're just someone at a table with a rulebook.

I hope other people add their stories soon, it's always great to see how much people enjoy their own gaming experiences and the variety of tales people have to tell, all from so many different perspectives, and often we can learn a lot from others!

05-22-2014, 08:13 AM
Very great stories you provide jpat :) In my opinion the reward of memories is what brings us back to roleplaying. It doesn't matter if you host it or become a roleplayer. If they are so well played out that one still remembers them a decade later then I believe that is the whole point of roleplaying. To lean back and remember the campaigns, the time you spent with friends, and to further exploit your imagination as of creativity to enhance new ideas for future roleplaying games. Bravo jpat!

My first time enjoying a roleplaying game was also many years back. It was a Dungeons & Dragons game. I am not sure what version to tell you the truth, but I was given only the choice of 4 classes and I think 3 races. The class choices were the fighter, cleric, thief, and mage. The races was only elf, human, and dwarf. That was it! I died that day with my character (Perhaps my DM was harsh to have killed me off the first day) , but it didn't matter to me. I just enjoyed the laughter and jokes we had when venturing forth in an unknown dungeon hoping to strike it rich or find something powerful to attain. In the end, after tons of Mountain Dew, chips, cookies, and ice cream...we were so wired up after playing over 18 hours (those were the days!) , I crashed in bed to rest for 2 days! heh heh

But the memories is what it is all about...the good times..... the time spent with friends and family is what it is all about for me...

I often wonder if one can get such great times in such games online (if such a height can be reached on joy and happiness in the same way) with a play by post game or via chat. I guess if one can reach the same satisfaction like a tabletop game if one is articulate with words, enjoys typing, and reading....as of can imagine what the roleplayers expressions look like when they are roleplaying their characters. The problem is we never see that though. We don't know if you are perhaps frowning right now, or laughing, or just edgy like in a face to face tabletop roleplaying game. I think perhaps a lot of roleplayers and DM's just bypass it all (when playing a PbP or via chat game) and hack away straight forward with the game hoping that everyone will come back for the next session. And then perhaps some can see in the art of words presented to them if a roleplayer is not enjoying himself.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your memories. :)

05-24-2014, 09:47 AM
one of my recent 'most memorable' experiences was via remote roleplaying. we were in different states, so there was not much use trying to meet f2f.

in essence, i made three basic elementary mistakes which in hindsight were blindingly obvious, but in the heat of the moment i managed to completely miss. as a result my character lost a duel and died. the emotional impact was so great, that i had to stop the session... and i couldn't bring myself to game again for nearly a month.

due to the quick thinking on the part of others in the group, the situation was eventually made right in the end- but that was certainly one of the more impactful and affecting moments in my recent rp experiences.