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05-14-2014, 06:52 PM
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The legendary PrometheanVigil is hosting another online game but with a twist. This time, it's WH40k Only War!

The game will be hosted weekly on Tuesdays (potentially Wednesdays instead) and may begin anywhere (in BST) from 5PM to 8PM and will last for 3-4 hours. I will be looking to start this game anywhere from the 28/05/2013 onwards. Please inform me of which of these days and what time (including your timezone) would work best for you in your reply to this ad.

Three players minimum; ten players maximum. New or inexperienced players welcome. We will play over Skype via voice-chat (microphone required; webcam optional). All new characters will start with 0(XP) unless instructed otherwise.

It is the 42nd Millienium. The God-Emperor is dead. One thousand years after His passing, the Imperium is in chaos. Nearly one-third of the Imperium's subjects have seceded from the mass, led by an enigmatic psyker of incalculable potence. Those worlds and institutions that remain loyal do so by a hair's length, its members scattering amongst various camps and battle clans across the galaxy that can all but hope to delay the inevitable end... and the myriad xenos species and the hordes of Chaos violently war over the ruins of those that could not hold their own, both locked in an unwinnable conflict, combating enemies they have no hope of truly defeating.

On a wind-swept desert world, deep in the Sepertii sector of Koldonus Segmentia, a focus of the last several decades of post-Fracture warring, the world of Cartharis is locked in an unrelenting tug-of-war between Secessionist and Loyalist forces, across its barren, sun-drenched arid plains. A young, recently commissioned Secessionist regiment, the 53rd Sunraiders Vanguard, struggle to maintain their holdings in the Ma'ii region against the Loyalist juggernaut. Will they manage to survive the odds stacked so highly against them? It will certainly be an uphill battle, for in the 42nd Millennium there is Only War...

Players are encouraged to create characters that can do what they want to do in-game rather than a "fit" a role they perceive being needed in-game. In previous PrometheanVigil games, I have had a mix of player characters with varied skillsets and that trend is unlikely to stop anytime soon so feel free to create whatever kind of character you want. Your character must of course use one of the base Specialties provided in the Only War rulebook but feel free to customise them any way you want.

All my previous games had, have and will continue to include a mix of action, adventure, intrigue, stealth, investigation and crafting and these gameplay elements are always varied based on our players' overall preferences and choices.

A custom Regiment will be used for this game -- details will be provided following your confirmation as a player (see below). Custom rules are offered for additional starting XP in exchange for Corruption and Insanity points. Some aspects of the system have been modified (incl. Aptitudes, Advances and Specialty starting XP), info on which will be provided upon joining the game. A custom point-buy system will be used for generating Characteristics.

If you're interested, please sign up using either of the above links (optional) and PM or email me your Skype ID (required) and you'll be provided further info on receipt. Please begin creating your characters as soon as possible. 'Any questions just post on here, PM, email or Skype me. Send your character sheets to london.nwod@gmail.com or you can send them to me over Skype once you been accepted as a Contact.

05-25-2014, 05:31 AM

Tuesday/Wednesday Evening Only War will now just be Wednesday Evening Only War. Both days were neck and neck in popularity with Wednesday just edging out Tuesday.

The first session will be on 28/05.

Starting time will be 6PM BST (10AM PDT) but that time will be flexible up until the first session.