View Full Version : Newish player looking for somthing different.

05-14-2014, 02:52 PM
Right now I play, and enjoy 3 consistent on going game sessions. I am thoroughly enjoy each one. 2 are fantasy one pathfinder homebrew another D&D 4th edition. I also really enjoy my Post apoco game I am currently in ( btw we are looking for more players for both the PF and Post Apoco. if you are interested pm me)

But I have been doing alot of web surfing and have come across so many different setting I would like to try. That said here is my generic lfg post.

Although I am still wet behind the ears in regards to PnP gaming, I have played a few games set in D&D as well as PF and I currently am playing a ZA d20 setting. But I am wanting to experience other systems. I have read very little of savage worlds but am very intrigued. I am just looking for a group patient and willing to help me learn and welcome me to their group. I also need a group that understands I'm a caregiver 24/7 for my mother and sometimes things happen and I have to cancel. Her health is #1 priority for me. That said. My gaming time is my "Me time" So I always make time for that :)

Systems that intrigue me
Final Fantasy(Who doesn't wanna be in a final fantasy story huh? huh?)
Savage Worlds(This really has peaked my interest)
Dark Future
Star Wars
Possibly Horror I'm not sure.
Twilight: 2000/2013(This really has peaked my interest)
Modern Settings
Serenity (This really has peaked my interest)
Fallout PnP (This really has peaked my interest)
Basically I'm just looking for a fun and interesting time.
I'm not looking for anything Erotic like or X-Rated though. I noticed a few in the LFG across the webs so I thought I would throw that out there.

Anyway if anyone may have any openings or room for another I would really love to learn this system and get to know everyone.
Thanks for your time.

Days I am available
I usually do not play on Mondays but I am willing to adjust if it is absolutely positively no other choice.
And Friday is Iffy as right now a friend and I are playing internet tag with a potential group for another game.
Times Available
on or after 7pm CST
And at times before that as well just depends on my schedule