View Full Version : Palladium - Rifts or Dead Reign

05-08-2014, 02:45 PM
I'm looking for players that would be interested in Palladium games, particularly Rifts or Dead Reign. No experience is required. I'm willing to take on both new and experienced players. My location and times are flexible. Below are small blurbs of the campaigns I'm looking to do

Rifts - Grains of Sand:
Life in your small shop in the Chi-Town Burbs has been simple and uneventful. You and your friends have been able to keep things running and turn a small profit. Even though the Burbs aren't as grand as the other side of those looming walls, Things are still good. One day though, someone brought something in that will make those walls look a lot smaller.

Dead Reign - What Lies Inside
None of you could expect this would be your last weekend get-together. You heard of what was going on, but didn't expected it to go so far. For things to go so wrong. To do things you never expected to do. Will you fall or truly find what lies inside?

If your interested send me a PM and hopefully we can work something out. Thanks for reading.