View Full Version : Long standing group (core people 7 years together)

05-05-2014, 09:25 PM
Greetings one and all !!!

My name is Kurtis (not the same dude under the titled "Kurtis' Campaign") and I'm currently running a pathfinder game night at my home every Saturday evening starting around 7pm MST and running at the very least till 11pm MST, but normally ending around 12-2am MST. My group has been together for 8 years with the same consistent five people. We lost a player over a year ago who moved to Georgia for school, and we are now having a married couple move to Colorado in a few weeks. At this point we are looking for two to three more players.

As it stands, if you decide to play, my wife or I will be DMing, with the other playing, and my brother in law playing. I prefer a group size of 4-5 players plus the DM.

We will be wrapping up the entirety of the Kingmaker adventure path before our married couple moves to Colorado, and then we will be starting a new adventure path, from book one. I'm looking at doing Rise of the Runelords, but by no means does that have to be that adventure path if you have played it, and are serious about committing to an awesome Saturday night game.

Send me a PM, post here, or email me at kwwb2001@hotmail.com if your interested.

FYI : A meet and greet with myself and maybe my wife MIGHT required before we will let you come over to our home to play.