View Full Version : Incorporating Useful "Loot" into a Sentai Styled Game?

04-25-2014, 02:39 PM
Alright so. I built a game for the japanese super hero format from the ground up. This taking themes from super sentai and kamen rider.

Now, It's very narrative based even in combat, and at the beginning you choose how your costume looks, type of signature weapon if any, and main means of attacking ( elemental, melee weapon, ranged weapon, light/dark, etc)

Anyway, I found it hard to incorporate "loot" or items to be gained by the group that would actually be of any benefit, out side of key story items. I found it not in keeping with Toku shows at all to pass out weapons and armor because well... heroes usually stick with what they have. And as far as "upgrades" I have a perks system and an "ultra mode" system to cover form/armor changes, vehicles and mecha summons.

So, covering all my bases like that it was hard to squeeze in items in a meaningful way. Perhaps I don't need them. But it feels like most players would want something to collect, to build up upon and say "look at what I got", besides what you gain by leveling up.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

04-25-2014, 09:57 PM
maybe a prestige or reputation based mechanic which taps into trophies which the player collect? each one would have a story which uses key words that tie back into the narrative elements unique to the player and/or group.

and since you are basing on sentai, you could have special power items with limited number of charges, or time between recharge (or some other limiting mechanic) that they can add to their getup. a crystal, complementary piece of jewelry, something that merges with them for a slight thematic change, again using added or expanded narrative elements to tie it back into other parts of the game.

perhaps instead of items, you could allow them to use a fate point system tied into soliloquies, where the player(s) recount a story of a character victory, or a lesson learned from a defeat, and the associated fate points can then be spent for heroic efforts above and beyond their normal ability or some such. perhaps a given soliloquy can only be used once every so many game sessions to keep the stories fresh - this would also have the potential to engage the players in collecting story and narrative events for their character.

05-02-2014, 11:13 PM
You can also use unusable loot for the PC's to BUY upgrades for what they already have.

So the bad guy has uber-magical sais - and nobody in the party uses them. Well, the matched pair of sais were made by Ubi-Wand Gernobli and lost when his forge/loot was robbed some 30 years ago. If the party returns them to him (or his kids), they could enchant/upgrade an item the party has that WOULD be useful.

Also, I found that in Charisma/Diplomatic-based campaigns, if a new bard (or bard equivalent) starts tagging along with the party - they could start composing a great work to honor the party or individual characters... and the next time they head to a new town, the bard INSISTS on being allowed to go ahead and play for a week or so before the party gets there... and when they do arrive, they are insta-heroes, all based upon the ballads performed by the bard.

If a bard comes into town and sings amazing songs about the heroic deeds, and suddenly these very heroes show up, local craftsmen would fall all over themselves to be the one that provided Oochi-Bobo with his spectacular lamellar armor, or the enchanted robes that Casta-Spella is now wearing. It's product placement on the Medieval (or earlier) scale.