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04-19-2014, 07:22 PM
What do you want to see in a gaming advert to get your interest?

Over the past three years, I have chatted in person about tabletop roleplaying gaming with strangers I've met at the university, at the local comics-n-games store, at the bookstore, once in a long line at a convenience store, and BAM! two weeks later I'm running a game for these people or playing in a game with them. And I've run into friends who have gotten into gaming, friends I haven't seen for years with whom I once gamed, or barely-known friends of friends who have gotten into gaming and heard that I am fairly talented at certain styles of gaming (not all styles!), and CRACKO-JACKO! by the end of the month, I'm running a game with them or playing in a game with them.

The only problem is that almost all of these are college students, so it's not uncommon for them to leave the state when they graduate a year or two later, which means I need to look for new gamers almost constantly.

There are fewer and fewer people each year who shop at their local game store or local bookstore instead of shopping online, and the mood of the country is shifting such that people are becoming increasingly reluctant to speak with other people while waiting in a line at a store. I've never been a scary person unless an aggressive intellect counts, and I'm certainly no scarier today than I was ten years ago, but people are far more scared today than they were ten years ago.

So finding people online instead of RL is turning into the mandatory norm these days.

Over the same past three years, I have posted gaming adverts here and in every other tabletop gaming forum I can find online, including meet-ups and RPGnet, as well as taping up gaming adverts at the local comics-n-games store, at the bookstore, and at the university. The number of new gamers I have found to game with this way: zero.

Oh, I've had a few e-mail me to say they'd like to game but they don't have the time, and I've met a couple of people addicted to gaming as their favorite way to avoid life (and I refuse to play enabler for any sort of life-devouring addiction), and more than one person has irritated me by responding to my advert for a Tabletop Face-2-Face Pen-&-Paper RL campaign by asking, "Will this be skype?" or "Will this be in online chat?", questions which say nothing good about the quality of their intelligence and perceptivity.

So, since I have been able to find new gamers just by chatting with strangers in a long line at a convenience store, the problem can't be with my campaign ideas or with me personally. It must have something to do with how I write my gaming adverts.

What kind of gaming adverts get your attention enough that you bother to e-mail the poster about the game and then, after the requisite meeting to sound each other out, actually attend the game sessions?

What do you want to see in a gaming advert to get your interest?

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04-28-2014, 03:03 AM
I dont think its your adverts - it really does seem to be harder to recruit online than in person.
All my recruiting is done online but you gotta post lots of times sometimes.
I also PM people whose profiles look like they might be a good match.

04-28-2014, 06:56 AM
The one time (so far) that an online presence lead to an IRL gaming session was because someone PM'd me.

I'm currently engaged in preliminary conversation on this board. It was a more generic add, mentioning a specific system but indicating the flavor of the game was more important. The things which drew me into the add were 1) Location 2) Feel of the game/add/idea (in this case, classic/vintage gaming) and 3) Openness to a different rules system.

But that's just me.

Okay, I started to get a little long winded in my answer so rather than take up space here I created a blog post (https://jasonfranklin.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/finding-rpg-gaming-groups/) about my past experiences. If you've a mind you can read the full answer there.

04-30-2014, 12:32 AM
I created a blog post (https://jasonfranklin.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/finding-rpg-gaming-groups/) about my past experiences.

Good blog post!

04-30-2014, 12:33 AM
I dont think its your adverts - it really does seem to be harder to recruit online than in person.

I guess I just have to keep plugging away. D##m.

05-02-2014, 03:37 PM
Perusing "Game Resources" notebook in Evernote I ran across an article on finding players I'd seen some time back. While the online blog is no longer active, it is till up and there are several articles on finding players. Here's a link to a page displaying the relevant articles.


05-05-2014, 03:12 AM
The Findplayer domain is now up for sale.

On Accessdenied, it now reads "After over 16 years, the gamer database site AccessDenied.Net has been retired (February 12, 2014)."

White Wolf's gamefinder no longer exists according to a 404 error.

I will continue to look.

But it still feels to me as though I am witnessing the death of tabletop gaming as a phenomenon, killed off by computer games and the internet. I wonder if this is how walkie-talkie fans felt with the popularization of the cell phone?