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04-18-2014, 10:46 PM
We're looking for a couple of new players to join our Dark Heresy campaign in-progress.

We play every other Sunday from 1-9pm in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco. Interested in folks whose schedule allows them to make it a priority to make the sessions.

Please check out our campaign website:

You'll notice that I indicated we are not an Online Game, and yet listed "Roll20" as the Online Software Used. We physically gather at my place in SF to play but we use Roll20 as a tool for maps, to keep the character sheets in the cloud and avail ourselves of their cool map features like Dynamic Lighting and Line-of-Sight. Everyone brings a device and has their own screen. Roll20 is browser-based needing either the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser to run on. Tablets will indeed work (except the Kindle Fire, which won't run those browsers) but players have found laptops preferable due to their larger screen size and physical keyboard.

Please ping me if you're interested.