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04-17-2014, 07:55 AM
At Gary Con Goodman Games announced this kickstarter to reprint a delux edition of the first scifi role playing game. The goal has been met and already the book will include a GM's screen a new poster map designed by the Goodman Games DCC map creator, a pdf of the base rules, and a creature/equipment supplement.



Check out update 7 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1409961192/metamorphosis-alpha-deluxe-hardcover-collectors-ed/posts/803757) for an example of some deck plans by this artist.

04-26-2014, 09:14 PM
In support of the kickstarter Goodman Games has on sale the AD&D 1st edition of the DCC #36 Talons of the horned King is $2 (http://mandrillapp.com/track/click.php?u=30026639&id=02c060750ac2467693790d73d6d18468&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rpgnow.com%2Fbrowse.php%3Fpro ducts_id%3D83215%26discount%3D65193&url_id=b3971285783c5f9d3d8b72d901eed0ae50d76737)

And the pdf of Ward Co version of Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition is $3.99 on DriveThru, please note that backers of the kickstarter will get a pdf copy as well. This is the version with errata, and includes further errata.

ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT to get in on this! The very first sci-fi RPG ever published is returning in a deluxe oversized hardcover format, featuring the original 1976 rules plus loads of extras and new material!

The project has funded and TEN stretch goals are unlocked! For the basic $80 pledge, you get the deluxe oversized 128-page hardcover (including the recently-added satin ribbon bookmark sewn into the binding), along with all of this:

PDF of Wardco edition of 1E Metamorphosis Alpha rules
GM screen
Poster map of Starship Warden deck plans
32-page Monster and Devices Guide
A new adventure
Six custom d6 dice
Book of illustrated player handouts
The Starship Warden Armory
New printing of "The Long Hard Mile," a solo Metamorphosis Alpha adventure
The Mutation Manual
8 pages of starship geomorphs
Plus a free PDF of the E-Z Future Deluxe Edition sci-fi PDF terrain set from Fat Dragon Games, as well as a copy of Jim Ward's sci-fi adventure Dark Outpost from Eldritch Entertainment.

Goodman Games has also put another adventure on sale for $2 in support of the kickstarter. It's a newer DCC adventure with robots and sci fi elements.

DCC #79 Frozen in Time. (http://mandrillapp.com/track/click.php?u=30026639&id=bc651d28d54f4df6a172090ce103ad96&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rpgnow.com%2Fbrowse.php%3Fpro ducts_id%3D118737%26discount%3D64705&url_id=b3971285783c5f9d3d8b72d901eed0ae50d76737)


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