View Full Version : Various Tabletop Games (Boston, MA)

04-16-2014, 09:26 PM
Location: Boston, MA (T-accessible)
Game/System: various tabletop games
Player or GM? rotating
Time/Frequency: Monthly, somewhere between Friday PM and Sunday PM
Genre: various
Current needs: More players
Accept Drop-In Players? Yes
Accept Spectators? No
Short description:
My goal is to fit tabletop gaming into my life without the time commitment it generally requires. I am trying to gauge interest in a monthly (maybe occasionally 2x/month) group. My idea is to aim for single sitting games (with potential for "short" campaigns lasting up to 3 sessions). When the game ends, someone else is GM and picks the new game for the next session. I would like to have a total of 6 players so that each session is (hopefully) 4-6 people.

If this sounds like something good to you, let me know.