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fate (so-called) is merely an extreme understanding of chaos (so-called) theory. i'll have to elucidate more later.

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i thought we were talking about in-game. ^^ no better way to handle fate in a game then the same way real life does it, ne? gives it that sense of verisimilitude.

04-19-2014, 07:20 PM
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04-20-2014, 11:37 PM
ah, well. i was serious, and i meant what i said. nor does my statement in any way invalidate most genres of game play. (see below) if you will indulge me in explaining a bit?

fate in real life really is nothing more than chaos theory. nothing mysterious, religious, or philosophical about it. it is simply the sum total of all the choices that everyone and everything makes on the planet (i'll limit the scope to local space-time for the sake of simplicity) at any given frame of reference. the more one studies quantum physics, and compares it to studies in group and individual psychologies, anthropology, sociology, and so forth, the more obvious this becomes.

i'm not sure why anyone who is well grounded in the principles of scientific theory would want to approach a concept such as fate in a game, any differently then they would in real life. it just doesn't make any sense. my reasoning follows:

the reasoning why i would use a real-life paradigm in a game context, is that genres are basically window dressing. the real meat and bones of all role playing games is the interactions between individuals. and how convincing, how logical, how supportive of suspension of disbelief with regards to the quirks of the genre... that interaction makes the player feel depends totally on the underlying nature of how humans interact.

i see my post is pretty short, so i'm thinking that what seems obvious to me, may not have been well explained in my post. please feel free to question for more details if it is not apparent.

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04-21-2014, 08:28 PM
however, every single one of those methodologies of fate you described in various literature fit into the model i am speaking of. even those systems, legends, and tales which postulate fate as an embodied living force with a personality will fit into the aforementioned model.

perhaps this is simply a matter of my having a completely alien point of view and perception compared to where you are coming from and what you are perceiving.

nonetheless, i was speaking in all seriousness and attempting to address the OP - this is the same model i use in all my gaming, and it has worked very well for me. i guess i'm not well equipped to describe it. perhaps it will become an agree to disagree item?

by the way, what is threadcrapping? i haven't heard that exact term before.

(oh, and i haven't read your pm yet, getting to that next...)

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04-22-2014, 08:50 PM
no, i didn't. in either case.

i am sorry that you interpreted it that way.

i sincerely and honestly answered the original post with my view and opinion - furthermore, my statement of the nature of fate supports all genres and versions of fate represented in literature and media, as well as the operation of fate in real life. it also supports all religions and belief systems within the framework that it represents, which i was planning on expounding on later, as i had previously indicated. it is also the framework that i use in my games as a GM to represent fate, destiny, free will, and the system i use works very well for me and my players.

my statement of the nature of fate was not flippant, not a joke, not trolling, and not crapping. it is the actual framework that i use in both life and game... BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS AND IS BACKED BY EXPERIMENTAL DATA OF CONSIDERABLE DURATION. i suppose we won't find out how accurate or inaccurate my framework really is until after death. nevertheless, the bulk of data i have collected supports my framework, so it is at least a viable working model.

having said that, i realize that you do not have access to my data; you didn't experience it - so it isn't real to you. in the absence of the decades of research, study, and experimentation that has been conducted, i don't expect you to take my word for it, or even to agree with me.

it seems that this has struck some big red button in your psyche.

though i had rather expected you to react with questions and counter examples, not attacks of a verbal and emotional nature in and/or out of pm.

i'm really not sure how to proceed forward with you. i was looking forward to seeing your posts on how you handled fate and how it differed from mine, and i even worked on an expanded explanation that avoided getting too involved to better explain the simplification necessitated by time constraints in my post.

in light of your responses, i'm not feeling very motivated to present the expansion, as i can no longer trust you to respond in a mature and reasoned fashion.

in any case, i hope that you will post your version(s) of handling fate in the various genres, as i really would like to see the mechanics and frameworks that you use. may i suggest that we agree to disagree, perhaps?

04-23-2014, 12:09 AM
I've removed my part of the offending material.

I apologize for letting myself be fooled into responding to nijineko's flames here and in private messenging and for anything I did that kept those fires of his stoked.

So I will participate no further in this thread, not even to defend myself from slurs and accusations.

Next time I come across flames in a thread, I will simply step around them and keep away from them.

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thank you for removing the flames.

i still hope that you will actually post your methods of handling fate, i am interested.