View Full Version : Horror Campaigns, Fate, and Free Will

04-16-2014, 03:10 AM
In your horror campaigns, how have you dealt with the notion of Fate versus Free Will (including possibly avoiding the topic altogether)? Or the related notions of Destiny, Karma, Prophesy, and/or godly or Divine decree?

I'm posting this here and also in the fantasy and superhero forums because all three genres often deal with such notions but they deal with them in ways specific to their genres.

For example, some people have claimed the difference between classic high fantasy and classic horror is that Fate is there to help the hero in fantasy stories and there to haunt the victim in horror stories. Then there are those who claim that the place of Fate and its workings in the universe is a key to whether a work is going to be fantasy or horror -- or, for that matter, is how one can differentiate most Marvel superheroes from most DC superheroes (Marvel's existentialist ambiance leading to a sense of an unknowable and therefore unpredictable fate that is jerking the heroes around, such as the unhappy coincidences which abound in the life of Spider-Man or the harsh fate which led to Stephen Strange becoming sorceror supreme, but with DC's more mythic and fablous ambiance leading to a sense of a great destiny to embrace, as with Wonder Woman and her epic nature among the Amazons or The Flash and his miraculous lightning bolt origin).

Take a look at http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SlidingScaleOfFreeWillVsFate

Then share how you handle (or decline to handle) Fate and Free Will in your horror campaigns.