View Full Version : Anybody up for some Appocalypse? :D

04-14-2014, 07:36 AM
Hello Forum! Well, to not beat around the bush, I want to play an RPG of the Appocalypse. I don't care what kind (Nuclear, Solar, Zombies, etc.) as long as its an open world kind of deal. We could work together to make one if needed! :) That alone could be fun. SO, as a form of initiative, Im calling out to all Wastelanders, Bandits, Heros, and so on! We can talk/role play on Skype or Kik if you want. But first send me a message telling me you want to be apart of it. One final thing, Well need a GM. I don't feel I have enough experience to be one. So if we can get atleast one GM and one more player, we can do this! :D Anybody in??