View Full Version : D+D campaign Waterford, MI. Starting soon!

Johny Limbo
07-05-2007, 11:49 PM
I am a life-long D+D player and DM. I am going to be starting a campaign in the next few weeks at my home in Waterford, MI. I am looking for dedicated players who know how to role-play, and have a good understanding of the 3.5 rules. I am 50/50 role-play and combat. With a dash of intrigue and mystery. I am looking to have at least 4-6 players who are willing to put a effort into making the game exciting and continuous. I would like to play BI-monthly on ever other Sunday. But I would like the game sessions to be worth while 3-6 hours. I have several hundred miniatures and enough books to run my campaign, which is a mix of Ebberon, and forgotten realms. Anyone interested should contact me via email at: monai75@comcast.net
I am looking forward to starting the players off at 1st level and getting them as far as 10th or 15th level. But all of that is dependent on what type of players I can find. I am willing to put a lot into the game, it's characters, and the story-line. I just need to find the right players who want to play and want to have a good time role-playing. I have been writing and conceiving this particular campaign over the last 5 years, I just need the right group of players to spring it on! like I said anyone interested should either email me at monai75@comcast.net or call me at (248)495-7404