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03-26-2014, 02:37 AM
Twenty-Nine years have passed since humanity stared into the face of its own annihilation against an unknown, insurmountable foe, surviving only by the grace of an alien ally. The brutal invasion now behind them, mankind's two great galaxy-spanning empires look to the future. The peace treaty between the United Terren Empire and Independent Centauri Council allows, for the first time, mega-corporations to gain unparalleled holdings in both nation's economies. A new era emerges as both nations have now begun to recover from their losses and turn their eyes upon both the galaxy...and each other. The vast difference of ideology begins to sink the two nations into a state of cold-war. The bank-account immunity of mega-corporations and lack of military support gives rise to legions of pirates - and mercenaries. The latter have become extremely glorified like the action-movie heroes of three hundred years ago. The newest generation of humans has taken to cyborg augmentations like never before, and the rate that psionic ability is emerging is unpresedented: a staggering 22% of the total population, despite UTE denouncement. The Na'Kiith, a race of nano-tech enhanced aliens decades beyond human technologies, have become fast allies of both nations and equally more involved in their affairs, and the Il'Kesh, mysterious beings who some believe are the spirits of the stars themselves, walk among the cities and ships of others with agendas none can fully understand. This is the current era, one of mystery and adventure, here those who survive the dangers can reap the rewards of wealthy CEOs and the endless glory of being galactic mercenaries; and perhaps discover what the future of the galaxy holds, and what it means to be Starborn.

What it is:
Hello! So let me give the quick rundown on the game. Starborn is a homebrew setting we've been using for a couple of years, now. It's an action/adventure space opera designed for a team of mercenaries, outlaws, smugglers, bounty hunters, etc. Anyone willing to take jobs a little south of legal to earn a buck, and maybe a bit of fame, or notoriety. Think Firefly, or Cowboy Bebop, or maybe, what Han was doing before he joined the Rebels, and you'll get the right idea.

The game is structured as an episodic sandbox, each episode generally spotlighting a job or mission that the party attempts to pull off. Each episode stands as a semi-independent story that all work together to tell the greater tale of the party's mercenary company, while larger plots build in the background, and eventually come to the fore.

You can find more details about the game, it's characters, and logs of past sessions on our Obsidian Portal Page here: https://starborn-galactic-mercenary.obsidianportal.com (http://starborn-galactic-mercenary.obsidianportal.com)

So here's the big Q&A about the game details!

The Big Game Questionaire
Fate Core
Player Count:
5-6 is ideal. Our group consists of 4 players, and the DM, so we're looking for 1-2 more to fill out the ranks.
What's the gaming medium (OOTS, chat, e-mail etc.)?
This is actually going to be a live game, played online. We'll be using Maptool for the maps and dice rolls, as well as utilizing it's chat feature for all of the IC Roleplay action. We have a Vent Server set up where we'll hang during game for chat, questions, comments, and general nonsense.
We're looking at either Sunday night, or Friday Night, 5:30pm EST. We would generally go until about 11:30. We're hoping to start by the 7th, or 9th. We really do want everyone in the game to be able to make the game consistantly and reliably, as much as can be reasonably expected.

Style of Play:
Heavy Roleplaying. We're big on good characters and storytelling. The DM is big on twisty plots, and conspiratorial intrigue, and we love to see strong character development and interaction happen. Immersive roleplaying's the name of the game.

Character Creation:
There's two thing we really like to see with character: Well thought out histories and personas, and a good cohesiveness in working as a group. W The game world can be dark and gritty, though the party may lay on the lighter side of gray (Much like the affore-mentioned examples). There is a lot of written detail to races, religions, mega-corporations, and underworld syndicates available to help build a character of almost any time.

Other Notes:
While Starborn has been run successfully on other systems (NWoD, heavily modified, notably), and we've played plenty of 3.5, and other games over the years, this is the first time we're taking Fate out for a drive, so it's definatley going to be a learn experience as everyone gets acclimated to a new system. We've been reading and mulling it for a few months now, but knowing the book, an playing it in action, are always different things.For players new themselves to the system, it's a good chance to get onboard with a group who'll be learning it along with you. If you've played Fate, before, good advice is never unwelcome as we go =)