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Tony Misfeldt
03-06-2014, 03:03 AM
I was wondering if anyone here had any homebrew magic items that they've added to their campaigns as a DM, or perhaps have encountered as a player. Any edition (Basic, 1st Ed, 2nd Ed, 3.X Ed, 4th Ed, or Pathfinder) is welcome. They can be beneficial items or cursed. Or even items you've thought up but haven't utilized yet. Here are some of mine.

Manual Of Stealth/Greater Manual Of Stealth

Description: Similar to The Manual Of Quickness Of Action, or The Manual Of Lurve. This enchanted tome is a boon to all rogues. It contains detailed illustrated instructions on how to master several rogue skills, such as picking pockets and opening locks. Like all similar enchanted tomes, this book must be studied for 8 hours a day over the course of 6 days in order to gain the listed benefits. After the sixth day, the character gains all of the magical benefits of the book, draining the tome of all power and leaving it a non-magical item from then on The book grants the following abilities.
1) Heightened Dexterity: First, it grants the reader a +2 bonus to their DEX score. The Greater Manual Of Stealth grants a +4 bonus to their DEX.
2) Bonus Feats: They also gain the feats Stealthy & Deft Hands for free (assuming they don't already have them). The Greater Manual Of Stealth also grants two bonus Skill Focus feats, which must be placed on either Disable Device, Sleight Of Hand, Escape Artist, or Stealth.
3) Experience: The reader gains one level of rogue, regardless of their initial character class. They will have enough XP to be mid way between their new character level and the next level. The Greater Manual Of Stealth grants the reader TWO levels of rogue.
4) Knowledge: If the reader is already a rogue, not only do they gain an additional level(s) of rogue, but they also gain DOUBLE the base number of Skill Points for their new level.
Value: 500,000 gp (Common), 750,000 gp (Greater)
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, Wish or Miracle, Cat's Grace (Common) or Greater Cat's Grace (Greater)
Cost: 250,000 gp (Common), 350,000 gp (Greater)

Sword Of The Succubus

This is a sentient Sword Of Life Stealing. Every time the sword drains an opponent of their life energy and feeds it to its wielder, the wielder is subtly changed bit by bit into a succubus/incubus. What's more, the sword will attempt to get its wielder to bond with it, promising him/her power, wealth, glory, whatever they want. If the wielder agrees, they will be able to use certain spell like abilities while they're wielding the sword. The more they use these powers, the faster they become succubi/incubi. The rate of change is 1 point every 20 hit points drained (or the equivalent in powers used). Using one power is the equivalent of draining 5 hit points. The changes are as follows.

Charisma: The character's CHA increases by +1 until it reaches a total of 35.
Appearance: If this alternative ability score is being used, it will begin improving after the CHA maxes out at 30. The maximum it will reach is also 35.
Armor Class: The character's base AC will increase by +1 until it reaches AC 20.
Spell Like Powers: Once the character's base AC reaches 20, they start developing spell like abilities. These are the same as the ones granted by bonding with the sword, but they don't require the character to be holding the sword and can be cast at will. They are, in order of appearance, Suggestion, Charm Monster, Dominate Monster, Know Thoughts, Energy Drain, Greater Teleportation.
Alignment: After the character develops the ability to Teleport, his/her alignment begins to change. Law becomes Neutrality, Neutrality becomes Chaos. Good becomes Neutrality, Neutrality becomes Evil. Once their alignment becomes CE (assuming it wasn't to begin with), the character becomes a succubus/incubus and is now an NPC under the DM's control (unless of course the DM is running an all evil campaign and doesn't mind players running demons as PC's, but that's their call).
Value: 55,000 gp
Construction: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Enervation, Magic Weapon, Special (Must conjure a succubus and bind it to the sword).
Cost: 32,000 gp

03-06-2014, 02:01 PM
I'm currently working with a pretty fantastic object called the Trans-Longitudinal Farporter (TLF). It's a ball made of several gold-alloy rings that spin freely in a gyroscopic way. Each ring has countless engravings on it, written in an ancient script, that describe an axis of the "globe," whatever that is. Each ring also has an embedded earth-gem in it - onyx, diamond, emerald, amber-opal, and some more rare gems. In the center is a glass ball that warps the movement of each ring, which seems to continue even when the rings are at rest.

The TLF transports objects and/or itself between two points in space. Unfortunately, it is based on arcane lore unknown to its creators - so its full potential has not yet been realized. But when it does transport something, it's usually a creature of some sort, and that creature appears in a small crater, as though the TLF were trading soil for life.

I don't know how you'd use this object, but as a GM, I'm using it for drop-in players and random encounters ;)

03-08-2014, 03:23 PM

the mirror sword: creates an illusionary duplicate of itself in your opposite hand, can teleport-swap seamlessly between hands, illusory blade deals subdual.

the fangs of nature: a number of artifact vorpal boomerangs, each one has a different elemental effect which grows the longer it is being affected by telekinesis. subjecting one of the fangs to telekinetic effects for too long will result in a potentially cataclysmic release of elemental energy. can only be caught by someone wearing special gloves; without the gloves the appendage being used to attempt to catch it is automatically lost, vorpal style. only the islanders remember how to craft the gloves, using ancient secret rituals that differ per glove, and only one glove per fang can exist at a time.

the seamless silver dagger: an odd nonmagical dagger seemingly made of a single solid chunk of metal, without tool mark, crease, or fold. exceedingly sharp, apparently immune to damage.

mnemonic eye crystals: a variant of mnemonic crystals which make short, re-playable, visual records of whatever they see, instead of recording pages of text.

deathspitter crossbow: a dual repeating deathwand crossbow with a pair of non-dimensonal storage for bolts, each crossbow is part of a conjoined pair of homunculi who will attack the same thing their owner attacks by holding their turns until after the owner has shot at something and then using a full attack. this results in anywhere from two to eight extra attacks in addition to the owners attacks, all in the same round, and depending on how powerful the enchantment is. the homunculi have some odd habits and restrictions, and will occasionally make known some unusual requirements in order for them to continue functioning for the owner.

the PBR: a folding boat (which when cross referencing the DMG, Stormwrack, and the SBG, the pinnace form turns out to equal a single stronghold space) enchanted as a mobile stronghold, with numerous magical features, most noticeable among which are the multiple permanently linked non-dimensional spaces for storage, the paired permanently linked extra-dimensional magnificent mansions for additional living and storage space, the hull being made out of living wood, the various magical protections - some of which carry over into rowboat form, the ability to steer itself, predict the weather, and sense nearby vessels. the name stands for "powered by R", which is an in-group joking reference to our munchkin... who sometimes builds characters so optimized and powerful, even he won't play them. when he builds a character for us (since he IS very good at it), we refer to the character as having been "powered by R", which even though he didn't design the ship or it's enhancements, seemed an appropriate way to pay tribute to his contributions to our group.

vial of fungal darkness: a vial which when shattered releases a darkness effect, but also unleashes a special fungus which proliferates spores rapidly in the dark. breathing in the spores risks contracting a lung sickness, but the main use is to fill a sphere of darkness with so many spores that magical means of seeing in the dark, and even true seeing, are defeated momentarily... long enough for a quick getaway.

there are more, but that should do for now. ^^

Tony Misfeldt
05-07-2016, 02:17 PM
Lucky Coin: This platinum two headed coin has a maiden's head printed on one side, and a hag's head on the other. This coin grants it's user extreme luck, either good or bad.

Game Mechanics: Any dice roll which is above average (11-20 on a d20, 6-10 on a d10, etc) is automatically considered maximum (natural 20, etc). If the roll is average or less (1-10 on a d20, 1-5 on a d10, etc) the roll is considered to be minimum (always a 1). Thus every roll for the character is either considered a critical success, or a critical failure.

Tony Misfeldt
05-14-2016, 04:05 PM
Staff Of Asclepius:

I had originally created this magic item for my Thundarr The Barbarian/Xena/Hercules crossover story, "Thundarr The Barbarian & The Kronos Stone". I kinda liked the idea of this magical staff, so I decided to write up some gaming stats for the item.

Physical Description:

The Staff Of Asclepius is a heavy wooden staff with a bronze snake coiled about it. The snake has green stones set in its head as eyes (originally shards of The Kronos Stone).


The Staff Of Asclepius is the symbol of the Greek God of Medicine and Healing, thus the staff's powers are also linked to medicine and healing. The wielder of The Staff Of Asclepius can heal any injury or cure any disease. This comes at a cost however. When healing physical injuries, the staff drains 2 HP from its wielder for every point of damage healed. Thus healing 8 points of damage costs the wielder 16 of his own HP. Curing a disease costs the staff's wielder 1 point of CON. These losses can be recovered through rest and time ONLY. Spells, such as Restoration, have no effect on the staff's Wielder. In extreme cases, a very selfless healer could drain himself to death while using the staff to heal the sick and injured.

The only magical way to restore ones own health is with the staff itself. In addition to healing injuries and curing diseases, it also has the power to inflict injuries and diseases upon others. By speaking a command word and striking one's opponent with the staff, 1 point of damage is recovered for every 2 points of damage inflicted. Likewise, one point of CON can be restored for every point of CON stolen from the enemy (or for every disease inflicted upon the enemy, DM's choice).

Tony Misfeldt
05-14-2016, 04:17 PM
Gauntlets Of Ogre Power

These magical gauntlets were a fairly common item in 1st & 2nd Ed AD&D, and as far as I know they have not been updated for the newer OGL rules of 3rd Edition D&D and Pathfinder. So I decided to make the adjustment myself (if it's already been done, oh well).

Much like the Belt Of Giant Strength, these magical gauntlets increase the wearer's STR by +2, +4, or +6. Unlike the Belt Of Giant Strength, however, these gauntlets only affect the wearer's upper body (arms, shoulders, chest). Thus they increase the wearer's striking power in combat, but not their encumbrance score. Much like Rings Of Protection and Bracers Of Armor, the powers of Gauntlets Of Ogre Power and Belts Of Giant Strength can be stacked (thus a Belt Of Giant Strength +6 and Gauntlets Of Ogre Power +6 can be combined for a total of +12 to the character's upper body strength).
Value: 4,000 gp (+2), 12,000 gp (+4), 20,000 gp (+6)
Construction: Craft Wondrous Items, Bull's Strength
Cost: ​2,000 gp (+2), 6,000 gp (+4), 10,000 gp (+6)

Tony Misfeldt
05-14-2016, 11:27 PM
Flintlock Pistol Of Scorching

This is a flintlock pistol of at least a +1 enchantment. In addition to the magical enhancement to the weapon's accuracy, it is also enchanted with the wizard/sorcerer spell Scorching Ray. Much like a wand, this weapon can have up to 50 charges of the spell. In order to use a charge, one must pull back the weapon's hammer, aim, and pull the trigger. If the spell caster who crafted the weapon is powerful enough, a single charge of the Scorching Ray spell could have up to three rays, each inflicting 4d6 damage. The act of cocking, aiming, and firing the pistol is a single attack. Thus a higher level fighter with two or more attacks per round could use more than one charge per combat round. These pistols could be further enchanted to improve one's initiative on the draw (Cat's Grace, granting a +4 bonus to initiative), or to give the fighter an extra attack per round (Haste, giving the fighter an extra attack at his highest BAB each round). Some pistols are even enchanted with all of the above (Enchanted Weapon/Greater Enchanted Weapon, Scorching Ray X 50, Haste, and Cat's Grace). Essentially, this is the Sword & Sorcery equivalent of a laser gun. Of course, it can only really be used in campaigns where flintlock gunpowder weapons are available.
Value: 8,000 gp
Construction: Craft Magical Weapons & Armor, Magic Weapon, Scorching Ray
Cost: ​4,000 gp

05-15-2016, 04:42 PM
Don't forget about the "wands of scorching" from the Blackmoor series of adventures.

Tony Misfeldt
05-20-2016, 12:11 AM
I don't recall ever reading about those wands.

Tony Misfeldt
05-28-2016, 11:28 AM
Manual Of Martial Might/Greater Manual Of Martial Might

Description: This heavy enchanted tome is very much like other magical books of its kind (Manual of Gainful Exercise, Manual Of Quickness Of Action, Manual of Lurve, Manual Of Stealth, The Book Of Vile Darkness, The Book Of Erotic Fantasy, etc) and is a boon to any character of any of the warrior classes. It is a collection of military strategies, as well as an illustrated instruction manual on the arts of fencing, wrestling, bare fisted fighting, and martial arts (imagine a cross between Sun Tzu's The Art Of War, Bruce Lee's Tao Of Jeet Kun Do,and Wojciechowski's Theory, Methods, and Exercises In Fencing all rolled into one massive tome). In order to gain the benefits from this book, a character must study its contents for at least 8 hours a day, every day, for 6 straight days. At the end of the sixth day he will be magically imbued with great martial skill. There are two versions of this manual, the Common version and the Greater version. The differences between Common and Greater will be explained under Powers.


The Manual Of Martial Might grants the character who studies it the following abilities:

1) Experience: By studying this book the character is granted one level of the Fighter class regardless of his original character class, with all of the benefits there of (1d10 hit points, BAB, feats, etc). The character's new level will be at the mid point between his previous level and the next level. If the character is already of one of the warrior classes (Ranger, Paladin, Fighter, Barbarian) then he automatically gains the maximum number of hit points (10 + CON modifier). If the manual is of the Greater variety, then the character gains TWO levels of Fighter.

2) Strength & Stamina: By studying this book the character gains a permanent boost to his STR & CON ability scores of +2 to each respectively. If the manual in question is of the Greater variety, then the STR & CON bonus increases to +4.

3) Bonus Feats: By studying this book, the character gains the feats Improved Initiative (+4 to Initiative Roll), Improved Critical (+2 to Critical Threat Roll), andToughness (+1 Hit Point/Level). The Greater Manual Of Martial Might grants all three of these feats, plus two more Combat Feats of the player's choice.

4) Bonus Traits: By studying this book the character gains two of the following bonus traits. Bloodthirsty (gains +1 damage on confirmed critical hits), Fencer (+1 to attack rolls during Attacks of Opportunity when attacking with daggers, swords, and other bladed weapons), Killer (gain a bonus to damage on confirmed critical hits equal to the weapons critical hit modifier), and Hard To Kill (when attempting a CON check to stabilize when dying, the penalty on the check is only half of the character's negative hit point total instead of the full negative hit point total). The Greater Manual Of Martial Might grants all four of these bonus traits.

Value: 500,000 gp (Common), 750,000 gp (Greater)

Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, Wish or Miracle, Bull's Strength, and Bear's Endurance (Common) or Greater Bull's Strength or Mighty Strength and Greater Bear's Endurance (Greater)

Cost: 250,000 gp (Common), 350,000 gp (Greater)

Tony Misfeldt
06-19-2016, 11:46 AM
Manual Of Medical Marvels?Greater Manual Of Medical Marvels

Description: This heavy and heavily enchanted tome is very much like other magical books of its kind (Manual Of Gainful Exercise, Manual Of Quickness Of Action,Manual Of Lurve, Manual Of Martial Might, Manual Of Stealth, Book Of Erotic Fantasy, etc). It is a boon to any character with training in medicine, or any party in need of such a character. It is a vast collection of facts and diagrams on human anatomy, medical techniques, including First Aid as well as surgical techniques, and herbal remedies for various ailments (imagine a cross between a First Aid Certificate text book, a copy of Grey's Anatomy, a surgical text book from Med School, and a copy of David Trudeau's Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, all rolled up into one massive tome). In order to gain the magical benefits from this enchanted book, the character must study it for at least eight hours a day for six straight days. At the end of the sixth day, the magic of the book takes hold giving the character the abilities listed below. Once used, the book is drained of all power and will not benefit anyone else. There are two variants of The Manual Of Medical Marvels, Common and Greater. The differences will be listed in the book's powers below.

Powers: The Manual Of Medical Marvels grants the following powers to the character who studies it.

1) Intelligence & Wisdom: By reading this book, the character is granted a permanent bonus to his INT & WIS scores. The Common Manual Of Medical Marvels grants a +2 bonus to each ability, while the Greater version grants a bonus of +4.

2) Knowledge: By studying this book, the character gains 8 bonus skill points to be divided up between the following four skills. Knowledge (Anatomy), Heal,Profession (Herbalist), and Profession (Surgeon). The points can be divided up however the character wishes, but at least one Skill Point must be placed on each of those four skills (5 to Heal and 1 to each of the others, 3 to the two Profession Skills and 1 to the other two, 2 to each skill, etc). The Greater version of the book grants the character 12 Skill Points to divide among those skills, with the same limitations.

3) Bonus Feats: By studying this book, the character gains the feats Self Sufficient(+2 to the Heal & Survival skills) and Prodigy ​(+2 to any two of the Craft,Performance, or Profession skills, in this case the skills being Profession - Herbalist & Profession - Surgeon). The Greater version of the book also grants the character two Skill Focus feats (+3 to the skill to which the feat is assigned), to be placed on any two of the skills to which he had been granted bonus skill points to (Heal, Knowledge - Anatomy, Profession - Herbalist, or Profession - Surgeon).

4) Bonus Traits: By studying this book, the character gains two of the following bonus traits. Sacred Touch (stabilizes a dying creature just by touching it), Devoted Healer (when taking 20 in using the Heal skill to treat deadly wounds, the character restores 1d4 additional hit points), Battlefield Surgeon (Heal is a Class Skill, and the character can use the treat deadly wounds aspect of Heal one additional time per creature per day), and Caretaker (gains a +1 bonus to Heal checks, and Heal is always a class skill for the character). The Greater Manual Of Medical Marvels grants the character all four bonus traits.

Value: 500,000 gp (Common), 750,000 gp (Greater)

Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, Wish or Miracle, Fox's Cunning, and Owl's Wisdom (Common) or Greater Fox's Cunning and Greater Owl's Wisdom (Greater)

Cost: 250,000 gp (Common), 350,000 gp (Greater)

Tony Misfeldt
07-09-2016, 06:34 PM
Manual Of Lurve/Greater Manual Of Lurve

Description: This enchanted book is very much like others of similar ilk (Manual Of Gainful Exercise, Manual Of Bodily Health, The Book Of Erotic Fantasy, Manual Of Stealth, Manual Of Martial Might, Manual Of Medical Marvels, etc). It is an illustrated guide to the arts of love making and seduction (imagine a cross between The Kama Sutra, The Joy Of Sex, and The Art Of Seduction by Robert Greene all rolled into one volume). The character must study this book for at least eight hours per day for six straight days in order to gain the benefits of its power. After the sixth day, all magic is drained from the book and absorbed by the character, leaving the tome no longer enchanted. This book was listed as a magical item in the D&D gaming book The Encyclopedia Arcane: Nymphology by Mongoose Publishing. As some of the rules differ between this book, The Quintessential Temptress (also by Mongoose Publishing), The Book Of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, and The Book Of Erotic Fantasy, I have made a few minor changes in order to make it more universally accessible. There are two versions of this artifact, Common and Greater (one of the changes I had made). The differences between the two will be listed below under "Powers".


1) Enhanced Ability Scores: The character who studies from this book will gain a +2 bonus to two of the following ability scores (player's choice): DEX, CON, CHA, or APP (Appearance = Physical Beauty). If it is the Greater Manual Of Lurve, then they will gain a +2 bonus to all four stats.
(Note: In the two books by Mongoose Publishing, the sexual performance skill was handled using either DEX or CON. In the other two books, published by two separate publishers, it was a CHA based skill. And Seduction could use either CHA or APP as its base attribute. Therefore I changed the stats to be enhanced to a combination of the three sources.)

2) Bonus Feats: By studying this book, the character gains the bonus feats of Endurance (+4 to CON checks for endurance) and Sexual Training (+2 to CON checks for sexual endurance, plus Perform: Sexual Techniques becomes a Class Skill). The Greater version also grants the character two Skill Focus feats, to be devoted to the skills Seduction and Perform: Sexual Techniques.
(Note: Originally the bonus feats were Endurance and Bedroom Proficiency. I like the Sexual Training Feat better, so I changed it.)

3) Bonus Skills: The character who studies this book is granted 8 bonus skill points, to be divided up between the skills of Seduction and Perform: Sexual Techniques however the player chooses, with a minimum of at least one skill point going towards one of those two skills (So it can be 7 points on Seduction and 1 point on Perform: Sexual Techniques, or vice versa, or any combination of two numbers which add up to eight). If it is the Greater Manual of Lurve, then the character automatically gains maximum skill ranks for his level in both skills.
(Note: This power was my own addition to the book's powers)

4) Bonus Traits: The character who studies from this enchanted book gains any two of the following character traits (player's choice). Charming (+1 trait bonus when using Bluff, Diplomacy, or Seduction on a character who is, or could be, sexually attracted to you), Alluring (a +2 trait bonus when using Diplomacy on people who find you attractive, and can use Daze once per day as a spell like ability), Courtesan (+1 trait bonus on all Sense Motive and Diplomacy checks, and one of these skills are always a class skill for you, Player's Choice), Overwhelming Beauty (DC of your mind affecting abilities increases by 1 against people of the same subtype as you). The Greater Manual Of Lurve grants the character all four traits.
(Note: The bonus traits are my own addition to this magic item.)

Value: 500,000 gp (Common), 750,000 gp (Greater)

Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, Wish or Miracle, Eagle's Splendor, Peacock's Beauty, Bear's Endurance, and Cat's Grace.

Cost: 250,000 gp (Common), 350,000 gp (Greater)