View Full Version : Maptool ("Mote") Kickstarter in Progress.

Full Bleed
02-19-2014, 02:06 AM
If you just want to skip to the Kickstarter, here it is. (http://kck.st/NNpxep)

Below is a little exposition for why I'm posting this here...

In 2010 I put up a some posts on this forum to get a Pathfinder group together for an online game and to get a static weekly DDO group together. I took my time and put together a couple good groups of players and am happy to report that most of us are still gaming today. I owe it to Pen & Paper Games for helping to foster those meaningful introductions. For that I'm very thankful. And, since then, I've never hesitated to point potential players to this site to find like-minded gamers.

In the same vein, my online RPG's would not have been possible without Maptool. For those that might not know, Maptool is a game-agnostic, cross-platform (PC, Mac, & Linux) Virtual Tabletop. Since 2006 it has always been open-source and FREE. While there have been a couple crews steering the ship over the years, its development has always been open to the community and a great number of features have come from a great number of contributors.

The biggest knock against MT has always been its more technical setup and backbone. Though I've come to describe it as the Millennium Falcon of VTT's--"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts!"

IMO, to this day, Maptool still has the most powerful scripting engine and the best character light/sight/vision of any VTT. Another big plus for me was the ability to host my own game server without any cloud dependency or fees (though a "headless" server is in the works for those that don't want to do that and want easier setup). And best of all, it has been a stable and fully functional program for a long time, proven in the trenches, and used by 10's of thousands of gamers.

About 3 years ago the current development team put in a "feature freeze", anticipating development of a more modern Version 2. But, unfortunately, that never quite came to pass. Yet, in that time, a new developer (Lee) came along and began to contribute patches and bug fixes... while, on the side, he was building a "fork" of the core program that would make it easier to use and more powerful. Those efforts are currently manifesting in the Mote Project, to be funded by Kickstarter.

This isn't a "hard-sell" post. And I'm not affiliated with the development team. I'm just taking the time to point all of this out for the same reason I take the time to point others to this site when they are looking for like-minded gamers. Maptool does what it does very well and the Mote project is going to help it do it even better. It's always been free. There are no recurring fees. And it's full featured.

The Mote project looks to continue that tradition and I believe that's something worth supporting. I invite you to check it out for yourself: Mote on Kickstarter. (http://kck.st/NNpxep)