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02-09-2014, 07:10 PM
Anxiety fills you as you cleanse the impurities of the physical world from your body. A sense of purpose and drive fills you as you calm your mind as the Society has shown you countless times.

A vague awareness of chanting reaches you through the stillness of your mind. You feel an alien energy surround you, enveloping all you are. Pain assaults you. Not physically or mentally, but the essence of what you are.

You strike back at the energy with all of your being and come to see your strikes, and those of the alien energy are forming some primal dance. The strikes begin to feel less lethal and more of a probing curiosity. You begin to understand this being as it begins to understand you.

You call out to the energy, welcoming it into you. The energy melds with you in a way that makes you feel more complete than any being to have lived on this planet has ever felt.

Things never change. You feel the same wholeness of mind, body, and spirit every time you call upon the interdimensional entity to share your being. This time is exactly the same as every other, but more fulfilling than the last somehow. As if it becomes more like you everytime, and you it.

No matter how much of the Dhohanoid threat you destroy, or how much information on the Chrysalis corporation you find, it never seems to be enough. Your mind is a ticking time bomb waiting to implode at any time and all you want to do is end this war. Sometimes you get the feeling this is a losing battle and you’re just delaying the inevitable.Welcome to the year 2085. Life on Earth is nothing like we know it today. We live side by side with an alien race known as the Nazzadi, aliens engineered from our own DNA.

The Nazzadi were created by an alien race called the Migou. The Migou have been living on Earth for countless centuries. Once we found magic and how to incorporate it into our technologies, the Migou felt threatened. They created the Nazzadi to destroy our race, but the Nazzadi decided otherwise.

After 6 years of war, The Nazzadi joined with us to overthrow the Migou. Since that time, Arcanotechnology has improved. Flying cars, giant mechs, etc. all in the name of advancement. Magic is real and to the general public, very illegal to use on your own.

Along with the Migou, there are other things coming out of the wood works to threaten humanity. Things called Dhohanoids. They represent a threat to the New Earth Government(NEG) which the Eldritch Society is sworn to protect. Unbeknownst to the NEG, the Eldritch Society holds a secret war against the Dhohanoids right in the NEG's own backyard.

The Eldritch Society has made you into a Tager, a Human or Nazzadi fused with a symbiont organism from another dimension, to combat the Dhohanoids. Dhohanoids are very much the same as Tagers. The difference being Tagers still have their own mortality.

As a Tager, you are charged with finding and destroying Dhohanoids and finding as much information on the Chrysalis Corp., a company that creates the rogue Dhohanoids and bends them to their will to obtain political power and dominance in the NEG, as you can to expose them to the NEG for who they truly are. All the while keeping in the Shadows.

Finding out about magic and otherworldly beings can drive mere mortals insane. Your own sanity can be and probably is in question, but you have to try to stay strong to fight the good fight. Show those aliens who this planet belongs to.

Character Creation

I'm looking for four to six players. I will be posting at least three times a week as I work a lot.

Character Creation rules in the core rule book will be utilized.

You will be in the Eldritch society as a Human or Nazzadi Tager. You may be able to play as a sorcerer if you can come up with a good story and a way you can play a key role, instead of a burden, with the rest of the tagers.

02-26-2014, 04:43 AM
I've got 2 people now, one of which I'm working with to make a character. Just let me know you're interested and I'll help you make a character as well.